This Amazing IAS Officer Is Spending Only Rs 36,000 On Son's Wedding

For over a year now, we Indians have witnessed a series of over-the-top weddings that lasted for weeks with reception hopping, ostentatious destinations and months of PR-churned stories. They have almost made us believe that coming of two people in a social bond cannot be possible without flying out dozens of friends and relatives to exotic locations straight from a Yashraj movie for a week of festivities covered by pack of paparazzis. With due respect to individual whims and fancies, such vulgar display of wealth cannot be an example for a society like ours.

Thanks to this Visakhapatnam-based IAS officer who is setting a beautiful example by deciding to spend only Rs 36,000 for his son's wedding that is set to take place on February 10. Despite being able to afford a costlier affair, Patnala Basanth Kumar, Commissioner, Visakhapatnam Metropolitan Region Development Authority, has chosen to shun the pointlessness of grand weddings.

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This amount will cover the expenses on feeding the guests, decorations, venue charges etc and it will be split between the family of the bride, making it Rs 16,000 for each side. It is reported that ESL Narasimhan, Governor of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, will bless the couple at the simple ceremony on Friday.

It must be noted that Basanth executed an equally humble wedding for his daughter in 2017 by spending just Rs 16,100.

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