Will Of Steel: Son Of Bonded Laborers Making It To Posh Jubilee Hills Of Hyderabad

Going an extra mile, giving your 100 percent will never disappoint you. The journey and the wait could be exhausting but it is the process that you have to undergo to see yourself where you want to be. Mannam Madhusudana Rao has made his journey from a village hut to a palatial house constructed in 4,000 sq ft area in Jubilee Hills, the most expensive and coveted area of Hyderabad becoming a true rags to riches story that never fails to inspire us.

The man who spent his entire childhood in a strenuous relationship with poverty now owns around two dozen companies, all of them scaling the sky. His story is bound to lift up your spirits and strengthen your belief in self.

Born in penury in Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh into a family of bonded laborers. His father would work on the field of landowners while mother worked in a tobacco factory. For toiling all day they would get nothing more but some food so that they are return to slavery the next day. Such was the order in his village.


They lived in a big family and despite 18 hours of back breaking labor the family would, on most days, survive on a single meal. His parents wanted a different fate for their son and the route of education seemed like a brighter idea to their simple minds. They encouraged their son to focus on his studies but the villagers did not like that a *dalit *was doing well in school. Nonetheless, Madhusudana resisted societal pressure and continued his education.

After completing school education from his village he thought of taking up a course that will help him get a job. He wanted to get a degree in polytechnic thinking that it will help him improve his family's condition but wherever he tried people asked him to get a reference letter which was not within his means. Feeling dejected and disappointed he made his way back to his village and settled for doing the same occupation as his parents, he became a bonded laborer alongside working as a security guard. 

Out of eight siblings he was only the second to receive education but unfortunately it didn't help him when he needed it.

One day, as he waited for his turn to be interviewed at a firm of engineers, he heard to people from the executive team fussing over immediate need of workers to lay cable lines. He took a moment to do the calculation and went to them the next moment with an offer they couldn't afford to turn down considering their dire need. Madhusudana had a strong connection with laborers and helped the firm out. This was his first contract and it earned him a profit of Rs 25,000. This was an unexpected turn of events which paved way for humongous success that was on his way.


Slowly, his firm MMR Group made way into telecom companies like Tata, Vodafone providing them labors for laying optical fibre. But when the sector saw a slowdown, Madhusudana was quick in diversifying his company into infrastructure, construction, food processing, mining and software. He is a successful entrepreneur now with his companies faring well on the balance sheet.

He is a work horse and spend 18 hours everyday working on his projects. He is a soft-spoken man who is humble while speaking with people and beams with confidence which is a result of his hardwork followed by accomplishments. Kudos to the man who rose up from bottom of economic pyramid to the top.


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