Turned 9 Yrs Of Regret Into Motivation: Inspiring Story Of An IAS Officer

Every year in India, lakhs of students appear for civil service examinations aspiring to get into the administrative bracket of the country. Brimming with energy and ideas these students want to contribute for the betterment of the society and improve the condition of their motherland. But only a few brilliant minds are able to cut through the extreme competition and clear the triple-layer selection process. We all draw motivation from our achievements but a young man stands apart because the inspiration behind his success has a source in his disappointments.

Acute disappointment in government machinery sparked a desire in Tamil Nadu's K Elambahavath to try his luck in this line. He wanted to get into the system and repair it to the best of his abilities so that many others like him find some relief. He says that the only reason he was inclined toward civil services is because he wanted that administration becomes an easily accessible place to hear and then resolve people's grievances, he told a Facebook page called Humans of LBSNAA (Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration).

I paced outside the corridors of government offices for many years. I have experienced the pain of being an unheard voice


Loss of father and dreams of higher education

Elambahavath was born in a family that had no tall connections or wealth in their name. Hs father passed away when he was in STD 12 bringing the burden of the family on his inexperienced shoulders. The difficult situations got him to shun the route of higher education and take on the more pressing needs of life.

"When I was studying in +2, my father, the sole bread winner of the family, passed away. He worked as a village administrative officer in the revenue department. To run my family, I had to work. I applied for a job under compassionate ground as junior assistant and submitted my educational certificates to the district collector office. I had to discontinue my graduation. I ran from pillar to post as 20 certificates were needed for this posting. But I couldn't get the job. And other people were also facing this. So we thought that, if we bring our problems to the notice of senior officers, they will redress our genuine grievance."

"We petitioned the collector.
We petitioned the Commissioner.
We petitioned the Revenue secretary.
We petitioned the Chief secretary.
We petitioned the Chief minister."

"Nothing happened!
Nothing happened for 9 years!"

"Why weren't our voices heard?
Why did our genuine grievance not attract the attention of the senior officers?

What's the solution for those who spoilt their academics because of this ordeal ?
No answers!"

One day, I thought, I should not ask job by compassion. I should get it by my competence.
I took a vow to a become an officer in the district collectorate where from I was denied a job.


Resolving to be competent

"I never had any formal college education. I completed degree in distance education.
I decided to write competitive examinations including civil services. Many people thought that how can a person who has not even attended college aspire for IAS. But I believed in myself."

"I wrote the state public services examinations. I got selected for Group IV, Group II, State civil services. I got jobs 6 times in the state government. I worked various jobs -as Jr Asst to Dy SP for 7 years. But These jobs did not appease my mind. I appeared for civil services relentlessly. I attended the interview 3 times. Not selected. In my 4th interview, I got IRS. Finally, I got selected for IAS in 2016."

The spirit displayed by K Elambahavath throughout is not only commendable but also makes us introspect the way we deal with problems. His route was long and the success sweet. His story in incomparable for the compassion he showed for others and resolved to rise up to the challenge and to make active contribution to fix the glitches in the system.

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