Unique Business Ideas Around Us: Solving Their 8-Yr-Old Lefty Son's Problem

It is no secret that the brightest of entrepreneurs are born while trying to solve a problem they or someone else has encountered. Rather than trying to find a way around their issues or look for a jugaad, this couple toiled and worked to provide a solution that is now benefitting hundreds of children. Here's there story: 

Life was on its usual course until Pune-based couple Pavitter Singh and wife Sandeep noticed their son struggling with some problems while writing. It was that time in the school when he made the transition from using pencils to gel pens. We all remember how nice and grown-up it felt to hold a pen and fill our notebooks with ink however, it was a nightmare for their son, a left-hander.

All of a sudden this child started to lag behind his peers as he couldn't write fast. Many-a-times he couldn't see what he was writing and all this started reflecting in his falling grades. The little one got frustrated and started to avoid writing altogether. This was a worry for the couple so they put in efforts to take a closer look at their son's problem. They realized that their son was finding it hard to adjust in a world where all the stationary and infrastructure was designed for the majority and had no compassion for the left-handers.


Solution? They Googled and found that a few companies abroad made stationery products specially to suit the needs of left-handers. Some of these products were also available on e-commerce site for Indians but the import duty made them expensive.

“A left-handed pen cost Rs 1,500 and a sharpener was Rs 600 on Amazon,” Pavitter told Scroll.

So the couple turned to their friends who stayed outside India asking them to source them some stationery everytime when were making a trip back home. But this was just a jugaad and was not at all reliable for a long-term as kids tend to lose their stationery very often. Another problem was that if kids get used to a certain kind of pen that suits their needs they have a hard time in accepting any other product.

In 2016, a year and a half later, unable to find a solution, the couple decided to take the tough road and take a plunge into entrepreneurship. After speaking with many students and parents they came up with a range of products to suit the needs of left-handed children under the banner of their company The Left Hand Shop. They have also tied up with overseas brands like Maped that caters to left-handers, to expand their product range and make life easier for those who feel trapped in the world where 90 percent are right-handers.

Their products include pencils, pens with tilted nib, notebooks, t-shirts sporting the pride in being a left-hander, rulers, sharpers, mouse, playing cards, cricketing gears like gloves etc.

mbv4iccmjicebasdexdsuztjftbg9jva.pngSome of the products by The Left Hand Shop

Their challenge is to build awareness among people who predominantly use their left hands about these products. Most of the times people do not even realize that help could be available so they have also joined a Whatsapp group of parents whose kids are more special that the rest.

Pavitter and Sandeep are doing a service to so many people who struggled with this problem. They also keep spreading awareness that there's shouldn't be any stigma around people who are for comfortable with using their left hand for things. And on top of everything, they have created a solid and unique business that gets a lot of love from its customers. Kudos!

Share this story to spread awareness about such a product-range. There are so many who still do not know that there are options.

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