If 75-Yr-Old Can Switch To Solar Power To Grill Corn Why Can't We

Beautiful thing about hope is that only an ounce of it is enough to illuminate an entire road for a generation. A spec of change in the positive direction can lead the way for a much-needed transformation and something of that sort can now be seen on the roads of Bengaluru.

ANI reports that a 27-year-old woman named Selvamma, who has been selling corn (bhutta) outside Vidhan Soudha building for 20 years now, has made a shift to high tech. She is now grilling corn for her customers using an electric fan powered by a solar panel.

Even at her age, the woman showed a commendable acceptability for technology, a quality that is gaining a lot of appreciation on Twitter.


Earlier, she would use a hand fan to help grill the corn.

rafqfjygfxcauk9cgrmxmnzk2kjlgnta.pngA photo by Sharath Sundar.

The equipment consists of an adjustable DC fan, light fixtures & a lightweight lithium-ion battery.

Selvamma says, "I live in a nearby NGO. It was earlier a challenge for me to roast corn. After seeing my struggle, these people provided me with this machine."

But now her efforts are saved, thanks to Selco Foundation who got her the setup.

9qa6zdmpjitdtd4rsqhe2igihgcmmkdk.pngPhoto by ANI. 


Cover image by Pushkar V, Indian Express. 

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