Inspirational: From Below Avg Student To Clearing Every Govt Exam

If you haven't done exceptionally well in life till now do not doubt your potential to shine bright one day. You haven't been to the top probably because you haven't resolved strongly enough and everyday is another chance to break free from your sluggish patterns, leave behind your stagnant traits and aim for the stars. Nothing is stronger than your will, all you have to do is realize that you do have the option of transforming into what you want to be each time the sun rises. This story will make you believe in it.

Akhand Swaroop Pandit, the man who is known to crack every government examination, wasn't exactly the class topper you would think he must be. He belongs to an ordinary middle class home in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh where his father ran an NGO that organized olympiads in schools and mother was posted as school principal. Such parenting did not necessarily translate into brilliant grades as Akhand turned out to be an average student during his school days.

"I was always a very average kind of a student or you can even say below average student who was never interested in studies. But it is true I have cleared almost 8-10 government exams."

So then how did he clear exams like IES, NET, MPPSC, Mumbai Metro, HPPSC, UPHDB, and SSC to name a few?

It all started when one day Akhand got a call from a person who bore some terrible news. He was in college then and life looked like fun with friends around and no major responsibilities. The person on the side of the line told him that his father had met with an accident in which he was severely injured and bleeding and his driver had died. He was a thousand kilometers away from his father unable to understand how to handle the situation. He calls it the worst time of his life as all kinds of ominous thoughts crossed his mind.


He somehow reached where his father was admitted and saw the dire conditions that waited for him. The hospital expenses drained out all their savings and this personal calamity had changed Akhand in a way he couldn't have foreseen.  

The family somehow recovered from the situation but the incident taught him one thing that he cannot afford to live his life the way he was living it. He didn't ever want to feel so helpless he felt in those painfully difficult days. Akhand wanted to reach a place in life where he could face every distress without losing ground. It didn't matter that he was far from being a topper in his academic life. He resolved to clear government exams and believed in himself.

Like every middle class person, he saw education to solve his problems. So he began to study. He set his eyes on UPSC examinations as it would give him security, power, and stability in life to handle every problem that came his or his family's way. He left his job at the gym and learnt to handle moments of frustration. He began teaching others as it would help him both study and revise. He travelled every weekend to various places to teach fellow aspirants and thus polished his knowledge.

"At times I would feel it is beyond my limits, I can’t do this. But then I would remind myself that if I don’t overcome this then this frustration will overtake me and one day my family and I can again land into a critical situation as we had earlier."


One cannot just dream of a goal and achieve it. To attain the goal, it is a series of process, says Akhand.

Hold on to your determination and fix goals for every day. You have to fix your goals on a monthly basis, on a weekly basis, on a daily basis. As and when you complete those goals, you will feel satisfied. Crossing each step will give you motivation to set another goal bringing you close to your goal and one day you shall live your dreams.

Akhand struggled a lot, travelled across cities with little money in his pocket dreaming to achieve his target. Today, he is the founder of The Catalyst Group, one of the most popular online education management companies that grooms government job aspirants. He is and an ex-IES officer who is now the main faculty in his organization. Apart from studies, he also has a passion for fitness and gymming and has won  the national powerlifting championship twice.

Do not wait for a hard time to hit you before you decide to transform yourself. The chance is right now. Read the first paragraph again and share this story to spread the good vibes.

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