People Laughed When She Tried Learning English, 15-Yr-Old Now Trains IAS Officers

If people are criticizing you and telling you that you can't do something they are actually helping you. This is what Janhavi Panwar believes in. She calls these people her 'helpers' without whom she wouldn't have mastered nine foreign accents (soon to be 10) and learnt basic French and basic Japanese. This girl known as the Wonder Girl of India has a lot of accomplishments in her name and her story is truly inspiring for everyone, especially those who crib about India not being good enough to support their dreams.

The 15-year-old was born in a small, conservative village of Malpur in Panipat district of Haryana where a male child is much preferred. But when Janhavi was born to a school teacher father and a house wife mother, the couple determined to present their daughter with every opportunity in their means and give her an equal chance to fare well in life. Very early on in life the little girl displayed an extraordinary talent of remembering words and expanding her vocabulary. 


By the age of two she knew English names of all fruits, vegetables, and other objects she saw around her. Amazed at her grasping power and memory, her father began getting her short duration tapes in English which she would absorb at an astonishing rate. Even today, it takes her not more than two-three days to finish a book.

Haters gonna hate

When people began to notice her inclination for learning English they teased the girl for trying to be 'oversmart' and a wannabe. Instead of getting disappointed, she took that as a challenge as upped her game and began mastering foreign accents. It wasn't an overnight achievement. She spent hours and hours listening to newscasters and paying attention to how they pronounce every word. Her sharp memory and strong grasping skills showed results and she was able to master several accents including British, American, Posh, Scottish, Australian etc.

Neither of Janhavi's parents have a background in English but they supported their daughter's interest.


Not just this, her progress is school was at a much faster pace than her peers. She was allowed to appear for two grades in one year because of her learning abilities so at the age of 13, this wonder girl of India had cleared STD 12, that is five years before children her age. She is now pursuing graduation from Delhi university and also gives motivational speeches at events and gatherings.

Fond of singing in her free time, Janhavi is also a popular YouTuber with more than 80,000 followers who learn language lessons from this prodigy. This young woman from Haryana has also inspired IAS officers with her speech and by sharing her experiences. It is evident that she wants to fly high and touch many heights.

2vzyyrtjtgbpftkauefg7tbm7bvybew8.pngA screengrab from Janhavi's session with IAS officers from eight states. Chief minister of the state Manohar Lal Khattar can be seen in blue.

Her aspirational eyes nurture many a dreams. She wants to be an anchor with BBC, clear IIT-JEE, appear for civil service examination and become a bureaucrat to serve the nation for which she has already started preparing. Her confidence is infectious and her ambitions keep on inspiring her to do better and better in life.

 When most kids her age are in STD 8, Janhavi is in her second year of graduation. She has given several motivational speeches at schools, universities, and professional seminars, and is also a popular YouTuber making videos on English learning and helping people feel more confident and determined. All her achievements have sprung from her terrific attitude towards haters because it is only natural for a child to succumb to negative comments and get bogged down by them but this wonder girl wore it like a winning sash.

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