Salute! Arunachal Villagers Selflessly Help Indian Air Force When It Got Stuck

There has never been a time that the armed forces of India shied away from rescuing its civilians, be it from torrential rains, landslides, terrorism, or raging fire. They are no less than angelic saviors for the marooned who see no hope for life. But what have we done for them apart from giving them respect and admiration that they rightfully deserve? We, the civilians, have taken from them a great deal. So it is only heartwarming to see if there are some attempts to reciprocate it to the forces, even if it is not a lot.

People from 11 villages in Arunachal Pradesh have come forward to help the Indian Air Force for repairing an important landing strip by volunteering for shramdaan (volunteer labor). The landing strip in the remote Vijaynagar of Changlang district is in a poor state as it lacked maintenance. It was not in use for three years now and any repair work meant that material as well as laborers would have to be airlifted.


In absence of a usable landing trip, Vijaynagar had been completely cut-off from the country. It was crucial to repair it for accessibility and any future scope of tourism in the area.

The PRO of Meghalaya Defence tweeted: The work involves cleaning of runway surface on which grass and moss had accumulated due to non utilisation of surface since 2016.This task required huge manpower,where  locals come out to help IAF to undertake this task.

Vijaynagar is one of the remotest areas of our country. It has narrow, muddy roads but has got no motorable road around it. Air route was the only way to get all the construction materials and laborers but it would have incurred heavy cost on the exchequer.

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