Dreamed Big Even While Pushing Thela, Now Owns A Rs 40-Cr Chain

There is no greater power than the power within you. If a person resolves to make something happen, overcoming poverty, bad luck or series of failures to achieve their goal is just a matter of time. Today's story is another reminder for channelling our focus on what we want instead of the worrying about things that aren't working in our favour. Challenges are a part of life and they are present because we have the power to combat them. 

There was a time when Aasife Ahmed Chaudhary had to quit pursuing education because there was no money for paying school fee and his immediate need was to so something to save his family from landing on the roads. But today, he is the owner of a food chain whose annual turnover runs in crores with several branches spread across Tamil Nadu.

Series of blows

Born in Pallavaram, Chennai, Aasife had grown up seeing his family barely sustain itself and any thing close to comfort or luxury was beyond their means. Things worsened even before he hit his teenage years. His father got suspended from his job and their only source of income was snapped. At the age of 12, when most kids his age would go to school and have a good time playing, Aasife started to work to sustain his family. He would go door to door delivering morning newspaper and sell old books to earn a few bucks.


The only way forward for him was to keep working. Always looking out for new opportunities, Aasife tried his luck in the leather business when he was 14. Things began looking up for him and he made a profit of Rs 1 lakh but the luck wore off soon. The entire leather industry crashed in a slowdown and he had to shut shops.

Thinking what do to next, Aasife thought of doing something he was always good at, cooking. But he wanted to play safe this time and focus more on learning so he joined a biryani expert as his assistant who would furnish orders at weddings and other events. After being in this business for sometime he thought of taking up a job with security and regular income. He came across an agent who assured him of a job in Mumbai against a fee of Rs 35,000. He didn't know that this was nothing but a scam.  When he reached Mumbai, the man hoodwinked Aasife and abandoned him after taking his money. Heartbroken and disappointed, he returned to Chennai hoping to recover from the episode and springing back to action soon.

Turning to his strength

His savings were deeply hurt and all he had was Rs 4,000. Once again, life forced Aasife to start from scratch which he did by selling biryani on a push cart. Everyday, he would prepare biryani at home and bring it to the market. The magic in his recipe instantly hit a chord with customers and within three months his daily sale crossed 10-15 kg. This boosted his confidence and he began putting more efforts to take his business to the next level. He started selling more biryani and focussed on saving as much money as he can. In 2002, he rented a small room and hung a board reading Aasife Biryani in front of it.


His popularity rose and three years later, Aasife opened an outlet on a 1500 qt ft plot employing 30 people to help him run the place. He saved as much as he could and also sought assistance from banking institutions to open eight more branches of his biryani place. Following some familial disputes, Aasife gave the ownership of two outlets to his mother and two outlets to his brothers.

Aasife saw innumerable ups and down in his life he kept finding a way forward like a river. His never give up attitude and hardwork is the reason behind his success that has made Aasife Biryani Pvt Ltd an entity clocking a turnover of Rs 40 crore annually.

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