Rickshaw-Puller Father Of Ailing Boy Returns Bag Worth Lakhs & Receives An Unexpected Thanks

Poverty is a demon that is enough to push people to unimaginable extents in an attempt to come out of this vicious circle. Many-a-times people steal and rob others to lessen their miseries but despite struggling with several familial and financial issues a rickshaw-puller has set an example for our society.

Mantu Saha, a 54-year-old rickshaw-puller around Howrah region in , duly returned what was not his. A passenger forgot valuables more than worth Rs 3.5 lakh in his rickshaw only to find them safe and untouched later. Mantu didn’t know that his act will bring him rewards and myriads of blessings.

Of forgetting

On evening of August 3, 2018, Rukmini Devi (58) boarded Mantu’s rickshaw. She was returning from a shopping spree before going to Dubai the next day. The bag was filled with diamond and gold ornaments worth Rs 3 lakh, in addition to Rs 60,000 in cash.

The ride came to an end, she paid Mantu the fair and got on with her day. However, it was only many minutes after she left the rickshaw did she realize that she had forgotten her bag in the rickshaw.


Rukmini panicked fearing a huge loss and rushed to the nearest police station. Usually, in such cases chances of getting back your goods is next to impossible and for sure the same fear gripped her. On top of it, she did not have much time to look for her stuff as her flight to Dubai was due the very next day.

Of finding

Meanwhile, Mantu returned to his home in slums of Kolkata. As he got down from his rickshaw he spotted the bag. Mulling over what to do next he went inside his abode that has a leaking roof made out of polythene sheets. He showed the contents of the bag to his wife and the couple immediately decided to do the right thing - inform the nearest police station.

It must be noted that this was not an obvious or easy choice for someone who has the responsibility of two daughters and two sons, one of them in need of blood transfusion. The money could have taken care of their crisis at least for a couple of years. But thankfully, and stood tall.


The cops got in touch with Rukmini and called her to the police station for reviewing contents of the bag. She was amazed to find everything intact and was bowled over by Mantu’s honesty. She thanked him numerous times and offered him a reward of Rs 10,000. Getting her bag back, and within such a short duration was something she had only prayed for.

Rukmini repeatedly asked Mantu if there was something more she could do to help him with. Sheepishly he said that if could drive an e-rickshaw he could earn more. The woman has promised to send him a cheque from Dubai to help him even further.

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