Jharkhand Man Built Rs 10,000 Cr-Firm Beating Slum Life, Alcoholism & Bankruptcy

Drawing a close comparison with character of Jamal Malik from the movie Slumdog Millionaire is the protagonist of our today's story who defeated acute poverty to become so powerful financially that he is an inspiration to our generation and the ones to come. Earning a lot of money may not be everyone's goal, which is a perfectly good thing too, but no matter what your goal is it will require determination and efforts. This story is to tell you that if you give your 100 percent with honesty then you naturally eliminate the chances of your failure. 

Born in Jharkhand's Dhanbad, Ambarish Mitra had to confront poverty from close quarters since his teenage. His father wanted to provide him with quality education wishing that one day his son will become an engineer. But academics failed to keep Ambarish hooked. He failed in several subjects on and on to somehow making it through high school. But lack of interest in school was countermanded by his fascination for computers.


However, his father did not appreciate his interest in computers and would constantly pressure him to do well in studies. Unable to breathe under this burden he took a drastic decision of running away from home. At the tender age of 15, he left his home leaving behind a note for his parents and reached Delhi, where the harsh realities of life slapped him across his face. He had no place to live and there was nobody who would offer a runaway boy shelter. So he took refuge in slums where there was no sanitation, and he slept on a floor with six other people. He began selling newspapers that would ensure two cheap meals a day for him.

Ambarish kept his keen eye open for opportunities and one day a newspaper ad caught his attention. It announced a cash prize of Rs 5 lakh for an innovative business idea. He knew it was worth giving a shot and sent his entry. He prepared a business model that provided free internet access to women of low income group - an entry that won the competition. 

Elated with his win, Ambarish decided to use the winning amount as capital for his company Women Infoline. However, the reality was not pleasing, it didn't win in real life. He suffered losses, making him want to try something else so he moved to London in 2000.


"Almost nine years went by from 2001 and 2010, and everything I did was a disaster. All the ideas were very cool - but I couldn't pull it off. I was not left with any money," he tells BBC.

He joined an insurance company to sustain himself but it was also a phase when he turned into an alcoholic. One day, after several pegs later Ambarish kept $15 in front of his friend Omar Taiyyab and began joking around. They said it would be hilarious if Queen Elizabeth suddenly jumped out of the currency. Like a good friend, Omar played along and super imposed Ambarish's photo on the the currency. They both had a good laugh and sometime that night, before actually realizing, they stumbled upon an idea that would change their fates.

In 2011, Ambarish formed an app company called Blippar App, an augmented-reality mobile app and advertising platform that connects brands with highly targeted consumers. Using augmented reality and artificial intelligence, Blippar helps you see, experience and learn more from the world. Their company shot to popularity and acquired users in 170 countries. The list of their brand tie-ups include Jaguar, Nestle, Unilever and similarly giant names. Their turnover runs in multi-crores and the company is valued at approximately Rs 10,000 crore making Ambarish one among the richest young entrepreneurs of India.

His success story teaches us to take challenges head on and always dream big. Find your calling and then pursue it with all your heart. Success can't be left far behind.

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