Meet Aaron Who Rescues Pets Through Telepathy

Every day while scrolling through our Facebook feed, we come across several videos on animal cruelty and abuse. We tend to turn a blind eye towards such issues mainly because they do not directly affect us. Animals are looked as ‘something’ distant and not ‘someone’ with emotions and sensitivity. We forget that they do not need our permission to exist, it is their fundamental right. As citizens, we should understand the need to take care of these majestic living creatures with respect and love.

Aaron D’silva, 30, who was born and brought up in Kuwait, is blessed with a gift, a power that some would not know even existed till date, he has the ability to communicate with animals through telepathy. His mother worked at HBM as a resource manager, while his dad was in the Ministry of Defence. His mother, too, was as enthused with animals just like he is today, and would often communicate, make a connection with them, be it wild pigs, foxes, snakes or any animal that would come their way.

“It was definitely something to do with the genes,” he told KenFolios in an exclusive interview.

The ever-growing bond


On his way to school, he came across a pack of stray dogs, which caught his attention and he started observing them, playing with them and studying their behavior. By STD 10, these dogs, who were a pack of Pariahs, Salukis, Alsatians and Dobermans, began accompanying him back and forth to school, enjoying his company.

“The people in the country had a belief that stray dogs shouldn’t be touched or felt, and would pelt stones at us. But, my dogs were my dogs, they would guard me and walk with me come what may,” says Aaron. He started learning more in the field, doing training and courses at the embassy on dog behavior and conduct.

Kuwait to Bombay

In 2011, he came to Bombay and took up some trainings on how to handle dogs, while already working at rescues, shelters, training dogs, handling aggression cases and socializing with dogs. He began working with dogs, sheltering them, getting them vaccinated and soon gained popularity for the work he was doing. His mom supported him with his endeavors, understanding his innate love for animals and would always tell him, ‘Whatever you do, do it at your best, but be careful.’ She knew that working with animals was not always safe, as some animals could be vicious as well, but regardless, always backed her son with all his decisions.

Bombay to Delhi

In 2014, he moved to Delhi and was amused by the population of dogs there, and the vast pool of people who needed his help. “There are so many dogs in Delhi and so many people needed help here. More of my extensive work has been done in the four years I’ve been here, having around 100 clients a year, sometimes dealing with 12 cases a day, most of them being behavior, leash training and aggression cases.”

Telepathy with animals


He still remained curious about certain happenings of plants and animals and wanted to understand what the real problem was. Hence, to intensify his connection with animals, in 2015, he took up a course on animal communication which left him in awe, he could not believe it himself that he was able to communicate with animals. He got a call one day, from an unknown woman who wanted him to communicate with her dying dog, which he did till the dogs’ last breath and telling the lady about the whereabouts.

The lady was shocked as to how he could so much without knowing where she lived, who she was or even having met her. Along with Aditi Badam from the POSH foundation, he helped reunite a dog named Polly with her owner after a long search on the outskirts of Delhi, using telepathy. He has helped solve more than 50 odd cases of missing dogs.

Telepathy requires a lot of patience and does not work well with a stressed, noisy or disturbed mind. When there is chaos around you, there lies a chance of miscommunication because you either end up confusing the animal or yourself.

He is working extravagantly on the Trap-Neuter-Release or the Trap-Neuter-Return, which is a program through which free-roaming cats are trapped, spayed and neutered, then returned to the outdoor locations where they were found. If those locations are deemed unsafe or otherwise inappropriate, the cats may be relocated. He has helped in the sterilisztion of around 600 cats till date. Most of his day is spent dealing with behavior cases and socializing with animals while the rest is dedicated towards animal rescue.


He currently works with Friendecos, alongside working with Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Center, helping them home abandoned cats and kittens, also assisting other people with pet related grievances.

Pet owners, essential read

“I am now planning to work with larger animals and reptiles, I have recently started working with horses and am able to communicate with them too,” says the 30-year-old adding a message to everyone out there saying, “Every animal should be allowed to do what they feel like, their needs are important. If you ever think of adopting or buying a pet, think ahead, ensure that you give them ample of time and the right treatment. Abandoning a pet breaks them down psychologically, many even die in the interim. If you aren’t sure about commitment, you can always be a virtual parent to a pet, becoming a foster parent too would be an excellent decision.”

(By Declan Rego)

Meet Aaron Who Rescues Pets Through Telepathy

Meet Aaron Who Rescues Pets Through Telepathy