From Working In A Store To Having Rs 80 Lakh!

They say luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity, and your willingness to accept it. We often experience it going against us when we need it the most, whilst benefitting us when we may rather not need it. It is good to hope for the best, but being too dependent on luck is not worth the risk.

Fifty-one-year-old Amanda Lewis from Stafford, England can be claimed as one of the luckiest women on earth for becoming an overnight millionaire. She works part- time in Asda on Molineux Way, Wolverhampton. Her husband, Barry, works as a tiler and the couple has twins Ryan and Charlotte.

The golden ticket

It all began in June, 2016, on a day she worked a little later than usual, covering a couple of colleagues’ breaks and then going shopping for some groceries. She was €2.60 in credit and having won €2 on a previous lottery, decided to cash it in to buy yet another ticket from the National Lottery. It was just another mere ticket in her eyes, little did she know that it was a life changing one. The next day, she casually checked her numbers to see if luck had played a role that day, whilst forgetting about the Millionaire Maker Code.

She said, “I asked the lady at the lottery kiosk to check my numbers. When she started to smile I went a bit weak at the knees.”


On understanding that luck had played a more than usual part this time, she was awestruck and completely zoned out not knowing what to do next. Without any thought, first thing she did was called up Barry, telling him that she had won a jackpot. Then came another big blow, when her husband asked her how much she had won. All this while she had been thinking that she had won €100,000 (approx Rs 80 lakh) but after asking for the number of zeros on the prize, he told her that she was now a millionaire. Yes, she had won €1m and not €100,000. She was lost for words, she could not concentrate, could not think straight.

Upgraded lifestyle that followed

With the money won, Amanda bought cars for her kids as promised, a new home with adequate land for Charlotte’s horses, helping her with a home deposit, assisting Ryan with some money for his savings and purchased a home for her father-in-law in Dudley. The couple did splurge a little, which is well deserved and needed, and furthermore made fruitful property investments.

Not giving up her job

Now, at this point of time, one would say that she can now relax, without having to work at all as there is no stress of having to pay bills anymore. But, for Amanda, this is not the case, she would not give up on her job. “I think I would get bored if I didn’t work. I like working and that’s the only way you get to meet people and socialize. People have said I should set up my own business, but, to be honest, I have been there so long I don’t have a clue what I would do if I didn’t work there,” says the 51 year old.


Her colleague, Susan Hill, from Oxley, who has worked with Amanda for over 10 years now said, “It was lovely when we found out she had won. It could not have happened to a nicer person and she has not changed one bit since. She is good at her job and she enjoys it so why give it up?”

Amanda works on the customer service desk at Asda, and frequently has people saying that they want to purchase their scratch card from her because of her luck and charm, even her colleagues do the same at times.

Such stories give people hope and assurance that everyone gets opportunities at luck, but we fail to appreciate them enough. Giving it a thought, karma too plays an important role in defining your luck, so if you aren’t that lucky yet, it may be because you haven’t been kind enough.

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