Married For 45 Yrs This Couple Sells Tea, Have Travelled To 23 Countries

He always loved travelling and fortunately for him he found someone who shared the same love.

This is not a story of a young upper-middle class couple, on the contrary, it’s about an elderly couple who owns a small teashop. Meet, 70-year-old Vijayan and his wife, Mohana.

For Vijayan, the travelling bug bit him when he was just six-year-old and he would accompany his father to temples in Madurai, Palani and many other places. Everything came to a standstill after his father’s death and he had to take up his family’s responsibility and get to work.

Luckily it all started again when he travelled with a man as his cook on a pilgrimage to Himalayas. But what’s travelling without a partner and he was lucky enough to find that and more in Mohana, his wife and soul mate. Mohana, belonging from a poor family never in her wildest thought of travelling to different states leave alone countries.

Vijayan, has been a tea-seller for over fifty five years, he along with his wife of 45 years, have visited 23 countries so far- Switzerland, Britain, France, Austria, Egypt, UAE, Brazil, Peru and the list goes on. For Mohana, Switzerland is her favorite. But for Vijayan, he loved Nile river cruise and he hopes to visit Egypt again.


They own a tiny tea shop called Shree Balaji in Kochi and believe-it-or-not that’s their only source of income. It’s okay for one to wonder how they traveled to so many countries with that kind of income. But as the famous saying goes, where there is a will, there is a way or as Vijayan aptly puts it…

If you really wish to chase your dreams, nothing can stop you from it

They always knew their sole income was never enough for them to see the word, so they had to rely on bank loans. So far their modus operandi has been- they would take a loan, travel abroad and upon returning, work hard for the next three years and repay the loan.


They also made sure their trip was as economical as possible.

I save rupees 300 a day for our tickets and spend just 10 dollars or less on picking up some tiny souvenirs from the places of visit. We don't spend anything more- Vijayan to The News Minute.

They visited Europe in 2012 after that the only country they wished to travel was USA and remaining parts of Europe. But being in wrong side of 60's banks were a bit hesitant to provide them loans. In spite of that Vijayan was confident that he would find a way to travel. No matter the cost, Vijayan is adamant about one thing, he doesn’t want to travel without his wife.

I can't travel without her, I will be happy only when she is around- Vijayan to TNM

In 2015, when people heard about this couple's passion for travelling and their financial contraint, offers to help the couple began pouring in. Two kickstarter campaigns and a major donation by actor Anupam Kher helped the couple to finally see their dream turning into reality... a visit to America.

Again in 2019 a video- which was originally shared by travel blogger Drew Binsky- became viral on social media, after this many corporates have stepped forward to fund this amazing couple’s next trip including Mahindra group chairman Anand Mahindra.

We at KenFolios, hope that this amazing couple gets to visit every single country in their to-do list. 

Picture Source: The Week; The News Minute;

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