Try This Man's Idea Next Time You Fly And Feed The Needy For Free!

We all are aware of the acute food shortage and hunger which a large portion of the world is facing. Millions of children are underfed and malnourished, many people lose their lives to hunger and incurable diseases caused by insufficient diet. Statistically, we are producing enough food for the world, but it isn’t reaching all seven billion, as gallons of food gets wasted nearly every day.

A simple solution to this is to become more aware of our personal food consumption and wastage, and to take an active part to reduce the amount of food we waste. While many of us have the meals served on the airplane, some don’t. But how many eat everything served on the tray? Well, when Vishab Mehta was flying on an Air India flight, he noticed that a lot of food which is served is uneaten, and is thrown away and wasted.


He then took the initiative to collect the uneaten food. The airhostesses helped him and separated the uneaten food in a separate black bag while collecting the food trays from the passengers. Altogether, they collected nearly 70 burger buns, 50 butter pockets, and 30 chocolates.

Vishab took the collected food and distributed it among poor who are made to beg as they can’t afford a meal a day.

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He shared this story in a Facebook post which has gone viral. He collected this much food merely on short flight from Mumbai to Jaipur. On longer international flights where two to three meals are served, the amount of uneaten food would triple. On average worldwide, there are over one lakh flights per day. The total amount of uneaten food which is wasted daily would be in gallons.

Vishab’s small initiative, if practiced on every flight, is likely to save tonnes and tonnes of food. It will take us a long way in reducing world hunger and food wastage. Let’s take inspiration from this and work to reduce the amount of food we waste. It’s time to be more aware of our food consumption.

(By Tarini Mehtani)

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