There are some who make us snore in back-benches then there are some who arrest our attention with their knowledge. Teachers come in all shapes and sizes and life will have no meaning without them. Share a teaching trick or a gesture that impressed you as a student. Tell us why and how it helped you in academics or in life.

If you are a teacher tell us your side of the story. Do you do anything special to extract more from your students?


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  • A society is built by it's teachers. They are the ones who guide young minds to discover the vast wonders of the world and encourage them to wander on the paths less taken. There are many great teachers who teach their respective subjects really well, but a truly exceptional teacher is one who teaches about life. All of us have had such teachers in their lives, and without them, we would probably not be where we are. Happy teachers day to every one in each of our lives who has guided us in tough times, regardless of their profession.

    • I was always a person who never took things seriously. Though my teachers were pretty encouraging but my on-your-face and laid back attitude got me into trouble most of the time. Whatever lil diplomacy I know all thanks to them. Hated them then but miss them now. 😕 

      • Diplomacy?! Haha. Looks like you and I had a similar school life 😜 

          • Well, I have been on both sides of the classroom. Some of the teaching techniques I implemented were copied from how my teachers taught me (I was smart enough to copy too!). But, I was really blessed with some good teachers who also motivated me to have the skill by which I could become one of them. The skills of sharing the knowledge is about the different ways of explaining a same thing.

            As a teacher, I used to start of my lecture by writing a inspirational quote of the day on the board..And I would get students' attention instantaneously.. That was my way of entering a class of mechanical engineers and not starting with a loud shout.

            But a teacher’s pride is the students.This special relation goes both ways.. A special affection to all the students in my life and a gratitude to all my teachers who made me a satisfied and successful person..Happy Teacher’s day!