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It was a complete white-out in Bandipora district of Jammu & Kashmir with sub-zero temperatures and heavy snowfall outside. Nobody dared to leave their homes as there was high risk of falling prey to the cold and succumbing to hypothermia. But somewhere in a nearby house a woman named Ghulshana Begum desperately needed to be taken outside for the sake of three lives, her own and her two waiting-to-be-born twins.

But the roads were covered with dense layer of snow making it impossible for any kind of vehicular movement. Ghulshana's husband realized that the Indian army was their only ray of hope so he called the company commander of Panar army camp of Bandipore and sought his help. The woman needed to be taken to hospital and the troops of the Bandipore Rashtriya Rifles set out for her home braving ruthless snowfall and minus seven temperature.


The troops reached the lady just in time and lifted her on a stretcher. They then carried her through waist-deep snow for two-and-a-half kilometers. She was then taken to the district hospital, Bandipore, in an army ambulance, the officials told HT.

Understanding the need for timely coordination with every minute that counts, the Army had already tied up with civil authorities and arranged for doctors at the hospital, they said.

After a check up, it was conveyed that the lady was pregnant with twins and required a caesarean for which she was further rushed to Srinagar hospital. She safely delivered twin baby girls the same night. The villagers are all praises for army's intervention and saving three lives amidst such hostile conditions.

Indian Army has time and again served the people of valley despite knowing that their feelings toward the forces are less than pleasant. But still they rescue the stranded, cure the ailing, and help the ones in need disregarding their own comforts and pride. Salute to our armymen!