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When An Officer Attended Her Martyred Husband’s Funeral With 5-Day-Old Daughter

It breaks your heart into pieces when you see your loved ones going far away from you, to a place they won’t come back from. They take away a part of you, all the moments that you spend together, and the memories you make. But life goes on. You stand up again, stronger, holding their memories as crutches, and move ahead.

It is heart-rending to think about the families of our brave army men who put their lives in danger and leave everything behind for their unconditional and selfless love for the country. The efforts and sacrifice made by them and their families can not be measured in words.

On February 15, the micro-light aircraft took off from the Jorhat air base around noon. The aircraft which was a two-seater, maintained by the Indian Air Force, encountered technical fault and crashed at Majuli island in Assam, taking away lives of two pilots of Indian Air Force, Wing Commander J James and Wing Commander D Wats.

But here is a picture which is worth a million heartbreaks and a billion salutes. An officer, a wife, and most importantly, mother of a five-day-old, Major Kumud Dogra, Wing Commander Dushyant’s wife, walking up in full army uniform to pay last rites to her husband. Not alone, but with their five-day-old daughter.

When the celebrations of the newborn was not even finished properly, she lost her husband. Notwithstanding the grief that comes with loss, Major Kumud marched on to the funeral of her martyred husband with her infant daughter cradled in her arms, who will never be able to see her father.

KenFolios salutes this courageous officer and both the pilots whose act of bravery knows no limit. 

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