Offering People Healthy Drinking Choices Has Created Rs 250-Cr Firm And You Must Know How


Every day, we come across stories of people who have achieved the unimaginable with their sheer hard work and determination. Just pumping in money is not enough. What matters the most is the idea and motive behind it. Today’s story is a perfect example of execution and success, followed with extending help to the poor.

From an investment banker to a brand consultant and now the man behind The Raw Pressery, Anuj Rakyan, has changed lifestyle of millions of people by bringing in range of products made with unique cold-press technology to preserve the nutrition value of fruits and vegetables. It all started when Anuj was unable to find any drink in the market without preservative and decided to create his own brand.

After returning to India from the United States, Anuj worked for 10 years in diamond and jewellery sector. Observing a massive gap in the market where large organizations do not address consumer’s demand of consuming better products, he decided to give people healthy and better choices. Anuj lay the first stone by making the drinks on his own and delivering it to the few clients he had.

Started back in 2014, Raw Pressery offers cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and soups without preservatives, concentrates or added sugar. From trim to glow, and flush to lean, the idea is to transform the way people eat and drink.

The 37-year-old decided to venture into the business when he had Rs 80 lakhs. He asked for help from family and friends and started off with Rs 1.5 crore. The technology used is very expensive as one machine costs about a million dollars. The question was if he could buy one machine for a product with limited shelf life.

Valued at Rs 5 crore when it started, The Raw Pressery is a Rs 250-crore enterprise today, with two machines capable of producing 3,50,000 litres a month. Anuj, who started with six simple flavours like orange and sugarcane, now has 30 drinks, employing around 200 people in the company, with Jacqueline Fernandes as its brand ambassador.

The drinks have a shelf life of 21 days. If unsold till 16 days of manufacture, they are taken back and distributed in various events while they are still safe to consume. To help poor children with this initiative, The Raw Pressery collects empty bottles from shops and home (after reaching a certain limit), sends them to Reliance, which are turned into polyester fibre, further stitched to school uniforms and distributed for free to the children. Every seven bottles of Raw is recycled and made into a t-shirt.

Making his place on the front foot, with around 1,000 outlets in the country and 10 cities with Raw Pressery, Anuj is all set to dip his fingers in the food industry, bringing in food products labelled under ‘clean label’, without any preservatives or chemicals. Looking at young mothers making baby food in order to avoiding harmful chemicals and concentrates in the ready-made products, Anuj plans to come up with baby food, ranging from banana mash to dal paani and khichdi, along with other products for grown-ups.

Anuj is a perfect example of how one person can benefit so many people by making a choice to work differently, standing against the mainstreams and working towards an idea. His vision and taken his company to a massive Rs 250 crore firm that is offering people better food and beverage options.

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