New Disney Short Sanjay’s Super Team Touches on Intergenerational and Cultural Gap

We all have related to the beautiful and subtly moral Disney movies. Throughout the years, the Disney movies have struck a chord with the children and adults alike. With a bag full of cheeky and cute movies on various topics such as love, loss, and friendship, the Disney movies have developed a cult following. And this time, the entertainment house has ventured out with a whole new genre of animated movies. It released the first look of its upcoming short, Sanjay’s Super Team and we are more than just excited.

Sanjay’s Super Team is about a young boy who hails form an Indian-American family who gets torn between the family’s religious sentiments and the western culture. This is the first time, Disney has exclusively taken up the premise of religion and decided to sensitise on it. The movie tells the story of Sanjay whose family is settled in the United States. Belonging to a strict Hindu family, who wants him to abide by their culture, Sanjay is at a fix between his love for his favourite superhero TV show and his family’s tradition.

The movie throws light on the ideological differences between Sanjay and his parents. He is smitten with the American culture but bound by the family’s traditions. His father asks him to worship Hindu Gods but he loves his superheroes more to an extent that he imagines themselves as the Hindu version of Avengers!

The first-time director, Sanjay Patel who had been in the technical team of movies such as The Incredibles and Monsters Inc. has based the movie on his own experiences. Sanjay was born and brought up in San Bernardino where his family owned a hotel; the background setting of the movie. Growing up during the 1980s, Sanjay found himself amidst an identity crisis and culture shock where in he played with his superhero toys on one hand and performed the daily puja rituals on the other.

He pitched the idea to the Pixar team in 2012. But for Sanjay, the movie is more than a depiction of his personal account. He says that since his childhood, he felt the absence of someone who looked like him in the television and movies. He also shares the racism he was subjected to. Later on in his life, he became more confident about his identity and embraced the western way of life. But he felt that it was high time, the community needed a lead representation and hence the idea of the movie came by.

The movie is set to release in November, 2015 and Disney released its official trailer on 15th of October, 2015. With the Disney cuteness and the Pixar gloss, the movie is surely going to be a treat to watch. So keep your dates free this November.