Must Read: How A Simple Idea Turned His Fortunes From Rs 500 To Rs 800 Crore

Road to success has never been without complications. There is always some or the other hurdle awaiting you, preparing and contributing in making you a better and more equipped person for future problems. If your goal is clear, these problems will not deter you. If anything, they will strengthen you and your beliefs. The story of Dhananjay Datar teaches us exactly that.

Also known as Masala King now, it was Datar’s first airplane ride that changed everything for him. He was an ambitious kid who was impressed with the people and went to Dubai in search of a job. He returned with expensive goodies and later made it to rank 45th on the Forbes Middle-East rich list. He has proved his mettle and set an example for everyone.

The Datars with their Rolls Royce

It was the year 1984 when he decided to try his luck in Dubai. With three notes of Dh10 (around Rs 500), he took a leap of faith and boarded the plane. His father was already there, trying to earn his daily bread, so it came as no surprise that this 19-year-old boy wanted to do that as well. He had his first taste of luxury when an air hostess upgraded him to business class. The kind of chocolates and cheese he tasted there were new and expensive.

But this gleeful journey came crashing down when he landed at Dubai International Airport and his father picked him up in a goods carrier. He took Datar to a shop he owned and there was very little space for this future businessman. He explicitly remembers his first day which, according to him, “started with thrilled anticipation and ended in crushing disappointment.”

The initial days were challenging for Datar, both, physically and emotionally. The sharp temperature swings did not go well with him and unfamiliarity with Arab or English made him feel more of an outsider. The thoughts of making money soon fled and he found himself succumbing to the feeling of homesickness. He tried to persuade his father to teach him some management skills but his father had the same level of knowledge as him so there was not much he can do.

Dhananjay Datar during his early days as a young entrepreneur.

With his father’s contacts, he got a job but that, too, did not last very long. After a string of disappointments, Datar resigned himself to the fate and started working with his father with utmost dedication and Dubai did not disappoint him. He again tried to establish himself in the market. With the help of a bank loan, Datar set up another shop and the rest is history.

One thing led to another and, now, he is now the Chairman and Managing director of Al Adil Trading, a firm with an annual turnover of Rs 800 crore. His understanding of Dubai markets and need of customers made all the difference. The idea behind starting his company was pretty simple. Datar recalls, “I started Al Adil Company as a concept to help Indians meet their day-to-day requirements. Apart from masalas, dals, dry fruits, namkeens, pickles etc., we also provide our Indian customers with special festival requirements.”

Being an entrepreneur is a dream many harbor but only few accomplish. Dhananjay Datar’s story is nothing but motivational for everyone who wants to succeed but is losing hope due to multiple failures. Patience is the key, they say, and in his case, it is actually true!

Datar’s message to everyone is simple: “Ice on the head and sugar on the tongue….is the most useful rule when dealing with challenges and customers. Follow the proverb – honesty is the best policy.”

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