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Must Read: “If Breaking My Roza Saves A Life Then It’s My Honour To Do So”

Controversial differences based on religion are as old as religion itself. In the beginning, religion would control people, but soon enough, people started controlling the institution to become more powerful. However, irrespective of the dilution, religion is a tool to guide oneself in finding their purpose and meaning in life.

The holy month of Ramzan is a crucial period for fasting for muslims, also called roza. Believers adhere to strict rules and cannot have a morsel of food or a drop of water right from the sunrise to sunset. A devout muslim cherishes and aspires to complete all 29-30 rozas but recently Dehradun’s Aarif Khan (39) chose to break his fast for a beautiful reason that makes our chest swell with pride.

A stranger’s pain

Ajay Bilawalam (20) from Dehradun, fell ill with leprosy and his health started deteriorating by every passing minute. He was immediately taken to a nearby hospital. His platelet count fell to 5,000, the normal count being 1,50,000 – 4,50,000 per micro litre of blood. The family was in dire need of A+ blood, which was the only means to save his life.

Being choiceless, and watching Ajay’s condition his father took to social media and WhatsApp, sending across a heartfelt post, urging help from family and friends, to organize for the required blood for the transfusion.

On the 19th of May, Aarif Khan, who is the President of National Association for Parents and Students Rights, came across the post by Ajay’s father, while randomly scrolling through his WhatsApp. Without any delay, he contacted the family and rushed to the hospital.

But I am on roza…

“I called up the patient’s attendant and told him that I am fasting. I asked him to consult the doctors whether they will be willing to take my blood. One of the doctors at the blood bank spoke to me and asked me to come to hospital,” says Aarif.

However, when he reached the hospital, as part of regular medical procedures, he was told to eat something before donating blood. He then insisted to make the donation without consuming food, since he was on his roza. But the doctors refused to allow him to fast as it was a medical need that he eats. Hence, in order to save a life he broke his fast, ate some food that was provided and made his donation.

“If somebody’s life could be saved by breaking my roza, then I will put humanity first, rozas can be kept later. Helping the needy is an essential teaching of Ramzan. I believe if we keep on fasting and not help the needy then Allah won’t be happy. Actually, it is my honour that I could help someone,” says the 39-year-old.

Aarif’s timely contribution has indeed helped Ajay buy some more time to recover from the situation. Some things are not in our control but Aarif did every bit he could to serve the little boy.

This is the true meaning of religion that we sometimes fail to look through. Religion is to care for each other, to love one another, to give all it takes to pull someone out of their misery. It’s not always shooting down a terrorist or becoming a minister that makes you a hero, even doing the smallest of deeds with a pure purpose makes you one.

We would like to thank Aarif for his soulful act in saving a life. Share the story and give us your comments to read.

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