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How Mumbai Dropout Teens Built Rs 20,000 Cr Company From Just Rs 25,000 Loan

No one can predict when would your fate take a complete U-turn and luck will favor your every move. All we need to do is to continue working without worrying about the fruits. This story is about the success of two brothers from Mumbai, who at a very young age, became a unique example of success in the world of business.

Currently, the two brothers are seen as one of the greatest personalities in the Indian ad-tech world. These brothers built about a dozen companies in their one and a half decade long career. After selling five of such companies they are now featured in the list of India’s richest people.

Divyank Turakhia and Bhavin Turakhia are among the country’s leading businessmen. Each brother has private property worth over Rs 10,000 crores. Their success story is highly inspirational and strikes a chord with everyone who believes they are capable of flying high. Born in a middle-class family of Mumbai, Turakhia brothers spent their childhood in the areas of Juhu and Andheri. A computer and programming enthusiast from an early age, Divyank had built a stock market simulation game with his brother to monitor stock market prices at the age of only 13.

Day-by-day their interest in the computer increased which began to hamper their routine school studies. Divyank got himself admitted to B.Com courses because of continuous persuasion from their father, but never went to college. All day long both the brothers used to do coding by staying at home. When they felt that they had acquired a tremendous grip in coding, the two brothers decided to start their own business. But the problem was they did not have the initial capital to start the business.

In 1998, the two brothers somehow convinced their father after much pursuing and he agreed to give them Rs 25,000 as debt. At that time they had no idea that after 16 years his sons would join the billionaire club. With this money at the age of 16, Divyank with his 18-year-old brother Bhavin Turakhia started a company called Directi which was a company offering website domain names to other companies. Apart from providing website names, Directi also provided internet services to Indian companies. Later, another company ‘Bigrock’ was born under its banner.

The two brothers have already launched 11 startups under the banner of Directi. Currently, the Directi Group has over 1,000 employees and 10 million customers from all around the world. The company is growing at an annual rate of 120% which is a feat even traditional brands cannot build. Two years back the Turakhia brothers had sold four of their brands to the Endurance International Group for Rs 1,000 crores. They built Media Net in response to Google’s Ad-Sense. Many publishers, ad networks, and international ad tech companies have the license of Media Net. Media Net works from New York, Los Angeles, Dubai, Zurich, Mumbai and Bangalore. It has 800 employees and earned Rs 1,554 core last year.

In 2016, they sold their online advertising venture Media Net for $900 million (about Rs 6,000 crore) to a Chinese group. In this case, they beat Google (bought AdMob for $ 750 million) and Twitter (bought Mopub for $ 350 million).

Neither of the brothers have an engineering degree, yet they are both excellent coders. These two built such a big empire on their own from scratch and without any assistance from anybody. Today, the Turakhia brothers are known as the first of Indian internet entrepreneurs.

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