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MBA Girl Became Inspector To Serve The Nation, Now Giving Sleepless Nights To Criminals

People who work hard in silence have the whole world cheering for them. Such is the Lady Singham from Chittor, Rajasthan who has every officer praising her courage, sincerity and hardwork. Meet the dynamic inspector with Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation Lalita Khinchi. Whether it is sweltering heat at 3 pm or pitch dark at 1 am this diligent officer is always on the prowl for traffic flouters.

Lalita is no ordinary official and has several glimmering degrees in her pocket. She is an MBA on the top of being a JRF scholar. If she wished she could have settled for a cozy life of a lecturer of a cushy profile in the corporate world but that’s the thing with people who have fire in their belly. They always stand out from the crowd because of their exceptional career choices.

To prove her point that women too can handle tough situations and take on challenging roles. Lalita chose to be an inspector with Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation where she is required to do surprise checks of vehicles any time of the day. The roadways bus operators say that they have seen her conducting surprise check even at 2 in the night. She never spares any defaulter and carries out instant action against them.

Posted as Assistant Traffic Inspector at Udaipur Depot, Lalita is one of her kind in the whole department and comes across as a role model for all other female officers in her department. Her work takes her to the treacherous roads in Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Gujarat and other states as well. Her unabashed working style, strict approach and hardwork has earned her the nickname of ‘Lady Singham’.

She is young and over qualified for her job. This, along with her dedication, gives her the fearless attitude. Recently, she reported and acted against 46 bus operators in one day. According to the department, an average of 20 reports in one months is a sign of good performance. But Lalita is just beyond the mark.

Rakesh Rajouria from GM administration says that there is no one like Lalita in the entire state. She has never turned down any order of checking even if it at 4 in the morning or late at night. Every roadways employee is given her example.

Her fearless attitude, honoring her duty and commitment to work is worth sharing. Leave your comments below.

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