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From Extreme Poverty To Wealth Of Rs 1 Lakh Crore. Read King Of Steel’s Story

Nothing is special about Sadulpur – a small town in the middle of Thar desert where sun is so hot that it burns down everything that glimmers. So when a little boy was born in a poor household, there was hardly any high hopes from the new member.

In 1950, he was born into a household so poor that there was no electricity. They had to draw water from far-away wells. The family of six members were somehow managing it. The family named the newborn Laxmi, may be because that is what they lacked – money. He remembers sleeping on uncomfortably thin mattress. The family moved to Kolkata hoping to set up a steel plant.

Laxmi grew up in poverty and decided that he will not settle for a life full of scarcity. He was good with numbers since childhood and decided to pursue a degree in in commerce from St Xavier’s, Kolkata. But he did not have the luxury to focus full-time on studies. He worked part-time in his father’s factory and picked up the nuances of business. This was the time he decided to work in steel industry.

I built a steel plant from the grassroots, so I learned all the nuts and bolts

His destiny took a complete U-turn. Read how

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