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Man Behind This Viral Video Was An Addict Since Age 14 And This Is His Present

The desire to run away from our problems or simply to have a different experience are two main reasons for people to start trying drugs. The initial thrill gives way to harder drugs and before you know it you get hooked to substance abuse. Recently, a heartbreaking video of a 13-year-old boy Kamlesh went viral. This boy has no desire to become anything in life and would probably die a premature death because of his addiction. We got in touch with the man whose page posted it and found out his own mind-boggling story.

Much like Kamlesh, there was a young drug addict in Rishikesh who fell into this trap mistaking it for amusement. Deepak Sharma came from a middle-class family and had two siblings. Life was not hard for him as his father had a stable government job, and his mother would take care of all his needs as she was a housewife. The household laid stress on education which lead his brother to become a civil engineer. But things began to change once he hit his teenage.

The horror begins

At the age of 14, Deepak got addicted to intoxication. “It was not under anyone’s influence but my own curiosity. I wanted to experiment with things and myself.”

He would become inconsolable until he found some drugs or alcohol and get high on them. The amount of substances he used began to rise to a point where nothing would work on him. His body would seemingly become immune to all the drugs. This became a problem and Deepak got desperate to go away from reality. “I started getting depressed and began thinking of killing myself. That’s when I realized that I was trapped and wanted to get out of it,” he says.

The addictions did not just affect Deepak but also his family. His parents were heartbroken seeing their child in this state and their frustration took the form of depression. They knew he could go to a point of no return which is why they pressurised him to continue his schooling. He somehow managed to complete his education because of family pressure, but was uninterested in studies.

Parallely, Deepak’s craving for drugs kept on increasing. Unable to find money to fund his desires, he began lying at home to extract more money. When this trick began to fail, he started stealing and doing fraudulent works to lay his hands on drugs. He lost many precious years of his life directionless, falling into this bottomless pit.

“My cravings took control over me and I was ready to do anything to satisfy them. I wanted to get out of the trap but could not find any way,” says Deepak.

Ray of hope

It was around Deepak’s 21st birthday when some when someone told him about a guruji and his recovery program. Finally, he saw a ray of hope and mustered all his courage to join the course. It must be noted that the hardest thing is not to quit these habit but to take take decision of whether to quit or not. The craving is very strong and people don’t want to let go of the high feeling. But Deepak knew this could be his only chance.

He joined the five-month course but stayed there for an year. He came out clean, healed, and rehabilitated. However, one year later his guruji passed away leaving behind a strong message in Deepak’s mind.

In 2011, Deepak started Rishikul Sewa Samiti Nasha Mukti Upchar Kendra in Rishikesh. Lakhs of people from all over the country come here and receive treatment. He runs a five-month residential course, which includes yoga, meditation, and counselling. The main part of the program is counselling where people are made to understand their addiction and corresponding behaviour. They are educated about this external stimuli and explained how it is not justified.

Heartbreaking cases

Deepak calls himself as a recover addict to constantly remind himself that he was also an addict at one point. “Most people who come here have nothing left in their life. They realize that they have lost everything and therefore, do not want to get out of the addiction. It is very difficult to get them out of their situation. Hence, the recovery rate is only 60 percent as there are high chances of collapsing,” says Deepak.

“The problem is that the youth today has started taking dry trance like marijuana, white sugar, whitener, petrol and many more, which first affects their mental health and then physical. The family of the addict is unable to understand what the problem is. The thing with alcohol is that it comes out with urine whereas all the other things don’t,” grieves Deepak.

The viral video was shot by a documentary maker and shared by the Rishikul Samiti page which went viral.

Stop addiction Documentary Film – Nashebaaz – The Dying People Of DelhiDirected by Dheeraj Sharma

Posted by Rishikul Sewa Samiti Nasha Mukti Upchar Kendra Rishikesh on 3 ऑक्टोबर 2017

The five-month recovery program covers many things and has its own expenses. “There are parents who come to me with their kids saying, “isey kisi tarah theek kar do” (treat him somehow). There are so many addicts, from different age groups, social status and class. Everyone needs therapy and I want to help each one of them”, says Deepak. “There are people who cannot pay anything for the treatment. There are some who do, and we try to balance things with that amount”, he adds.

Miles to go

Rishikul Sewa Samiti Nasha Mukti Upchar Kendra helps every person who is an addict. They have psychiatrists, psychologist, counsellors and other people to handle the patients. Deepak believes that it is important to understand the patient psychologically and he is able to do that because he has been in that place at one point in his life.

Today, Deepak is 25 and married. His family is happy and content with their son and his work. He says, “Every addict has that thing inside him, he wants to get out of the trap. He just could not take the first step towards recovery because of hesitation, which becomes a problem in the long run”. Deepak believes that there is nothing impossible in the world. If one wants to do something good, they can do it anyhow.

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