Making Way Out Of Poverty, This Is India’s Football Hero You Must Know About

The entire globe looks forward to the breath-taking matches of FIFA U-17 World cup. Where the event itself highlights young talents, it also gives them an opportunity to create name and fame for themselves.

Abhijit Sarkar is one such hero of the Indian Football Team as he stands high in the field, carrying his childhood on his shoulders which was shrouded by poverty. He was first introduced to football when the late legendary footballer Carlos Alberto from Brazil presented to him a red football in 2014 and said, “Live your life with it. Every night, when you will sleep, this football should be your companion.” Carlos Alberto had visited Kolkata for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour. Since then, football has been his universe.

Abhijit’s father Haren Sarkar and mother Aloka Sarker at their home in Bandel, Kolkata.

He would actually do what the legend footballer suggested him to do. Abhijit would eat, sleep, and live with that one football.

Abhijit has always been guided by his coach Ashok Mondal, who himself once worked in a pen manufacturing company. Ashok Mondal gave up his job, only so that he could help kids from economically-weaker section who aspire to become footballers. He helped Abhijit by purchasing him a pair of boots and a jersey and thereafter guiding him.

To what Abhijit Sarkar is, apart from the limelight he got from football today, he comes from a family driven by poverty. Being born in a small town named Bandel which is 40 km from Kolkata, he is the only child for his parents who are Haren and Aloka Sarkar. Haren is a van-rickshaw driver while he also goes to Chawkbazaar of Bandel around 3 am in the morning every day to purchase fish and he sells that to the nearby Chinsurah market with a profit of hardly Rs 200-250 daily. Abhjit’s mother Aloka, also adds up hardly Rs 25 daily to the income by binding bidis (local cigarette) at a grocery shop.

His parents couldn’t afford to buy him the accessories for football but were rich enough to motivate him to take up his dream. Abhijit’s parents trusted his capabilities and so were convinced that their son is going to introduce them the good days. For them, the good days are not when they’ll have money but today when their son has a name and respect in the society.

Abhijit’s journey started when he went to represent West Bengal at the sub-junior national championship where he was spotted by the selectors thereby getting an opportunity to be trained at the All India Football Federation Academy in 2013. Thereon he went to Kolkata for trials for the AIFF academy and then Goa. After that it was never looking back for Abhijit as his carrier was now fan followed by many of his admirers.

The entire of India looks forward for the blaze of the Indian Football star – Abhijit, at the FIFA U-17 this year. His parents also take pride in his game along with the billions of eyes which look forward to see him shine.

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