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Left CA Midway, This 22-Yr-Old Is Now Helping Farmers And Raking In Lakhs

Farmers can aptly be compared with yogis. They do all the sadhanas and hardwork throughout their lives to produce eatables worth gold from the soil. They work tirelessly braving the scorching sun, the chilling winters and the torrential rain. Nothing stops them from doing their duties timely. Farming is the major occupation in our villages where over 70 percent of the Indians live.

This is also the population neg the government still could not take any strong and firm steps for the development d by both government and the people. The situation demands moral responsibility from all the intellectuals of the society to come forward and offer all the possible help to these farmers on every level.

The heartening fact is that the younger generation is coming forward to help the farming community in their own different ways. Prateek Bajaj is one such young gun who is working tirelessly for the betterment of this large section of our society. This young boy from Uttar Pradesh decided to pursue a career in chartered accountancy after passing the STD 12 examination.

At that time, his elder brother was taking training from the Agricultural Science Centre to start his own dairy business. One day, Prateek went to the science centre and began taking interest in the process of making vermicompost (use of earthworms to convert organic waste into fertilizer). He learned the tricks of making it but did not stop studying for CA, which is why he could not move further with vermicomposting.

During the last year of his CA course, Prateek went back to home in holidays and found that cattle dung in his brother’s dairy farm was getting wasted. The idea of putting the dung to good use by converting it into organic compost struck him at that time. He realized that the dung can also be used for vermicompost production. Prateek eventually decided to venture into the world of vermicompost business supported by his savings. He was thrilled to think about the help his initiative would be providing to the local farmers.

Before launching his brand, Prateek conducted extensive research for six months on different scientific methods of vermicompost production. Finally, he zeroed on one and launched his agricultural startup Sahyogee Biotech.

Prateek says, “When I told the family about my business Idea, they did not believe that I could run it successfully. But when my first batch of vermicompost was sold, they were convinced.

The initial success gave him confidence and the full support of his family members. He then started preparing Vermicompost in his parent’s two-acre land. Not only that, he also started organic farming with the help of his own vermicompost. He also started working on waste management and converting it into manure. Prateek also started providing training to farmers on how to make vermicompost for free to promote organic farming. Before his efforts, farmers used to spend Rs 4,500 on chemical fertilizers and insecticides per acre of land, now they have to spend only Rs 1,000. His efforts are also saving the land from degradation and chemical fertilizers.

His brand Ye Lo Khaad under the banner of Sahyogi Biotech has expanded to each district of Uttar Pradesh. His annual turnover has reached Rs 12 lakh, which might not be a huge number but his efforts have shown that there is certainly a way that can connect the youth and the rural India to solve complex problems.

Prateek’s success is not only his but it is shared among the hundreds of farmers whose lives have been changed in a significant way. He could have taken the conventional way but following his passion has brought him so much satisfaction that no amount of money could have ever given him.

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