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Kudos Delhi Police: 20 Km Chase, Bullet In The Neck And Rescuing 5-Yr-Old From Kidnappers

We live in a time where we often wake up to crimes and injustice. With ignorant and careless people holding the authoritative positions, it becomes really difficult for a common man to trust anyone and seek help. We come across incidents when people who succumb to the happenings when they do not get any help from the police department or the government. But then, there are some incidents that restores our faith in the police force.

One such incident happened in Delhi recently when a couple of brave police officers put their life on risk to save a five-year-old school kid.

Filmy kidnapping

The neon-lit lanes of the national capital witnessed a blatant shock on January 25, when an innocent young boy was abducted in the middle of the street from a school bus. Vihaan Gupta, a STD 1 student, was in the school bus along with his seven-year-old sister.


While the bus was near Dilshad Garden, East Delhi, two people on a bike blocked the path and pointed their guns towards a staff, indicating her to open the door. Sensing trouble, the driver tried to speed away from the situation but got shot in the leg by one of the kidnappers, bringing the bus to a complete halt.

As soon as the bus stopped, the other man dragged out five-year-old Vihaan from the bus. They pulled the child on their motorcycle and sped away towards Ghaziabad, taking him to a flat in Sahibabad. Three men stayed in the flat along with Vihaan, carrying guns every time, and wearing masks to hide their identity.

5-yr-old hostage

Very soon, the Delhi police was informed about the incident. It came out that the mastermind behind the plan was Nitin Kumar Sharma, a 28-year-old Dhaba owner, who wanted a ransom of Rs 60 lakh for a luxurious lifestyle. He was assisted by two Delhi residents who were unemployed and were looking to make a quick buck.

Three days after the incident, Vihaan’s father, Sunny Gupta, a plastic goods wholesaler, received the first ransom call. The kidnappers asked him to deliver money outside Cross River Mall. Based on this, the police named their operation C- River.

Closing in

On the coming Monday, the police received a tip-off that Nitin would come to Vivek Vihar in the evening to pick up food for Vihaan and attend a wedding. A team of 18 cops began their surge in four cars and four motorcycles. The cops chased him for 90 minutes after he was spotted at a food joint.

He was drunk and speeding away through Delhi’s congested roads. The police force kept the chase on and finally intercepted his Swift Dzire after a 20 km chase in Seemapuri. “He rammed two of our cars in his bid to escape, but we caught him before he could alert his associated”, said Inspector Tyagi.

During the investigation, Nitin was forced to reveal their hideout location along with other specific details of his associates. The police team reached the place sooner than ever. But it was not the end.


They made Nitin knock on the door. His friends opened the wooden door but kept the Iron Gate locked out of suspicion. When they found out that they were surrounded by the cops, they rushed inside, got their guns out, and began firing. The commando and Inspector Tyagi were hit in the process.

That night Delhi witnessed a moment of bravery in tragedy when Inspector Tyagi took a calculated risk and shot back in self defence. The bullet struck one of the kidnappers’ neck and he collapsed. The other one began to run inside to get hold of the boy as hostage. But the brave Inspector shot again hitting him in the leg. His gun fell down and he was helpless. The police took custody of him and rushed to the bedroom to pick up Vihaan.

“He was screaming. It was the second time he had witnessed gunshots. I picked him up in my arms and convinced him that we were not criminals,” said the DCP. What followed after this was a sweet reunion of a young chap with his previously distressed but now overly delighted family.

Kudos to the Delhi police team for being there when their citizens needed them the most. Share this article and leave your comments below. We read each one of them.

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