Remarkable Story Of A Soldier Who Launched Chains Of 5-Star Hotels In India

At an age when people withdraw from working and move towards leading a retired life, this man scaled new peaks of success in the hospitality industry. Heights that are usually unimaginable for people came to his footsteps at the age of 65 all because of his hardwork and vision for the future.

He was born into a poor family in Kunnur district of Kerala and his parents somehow ran the household with earnings from agriculture.

The man who founded The Leela Group of Hotels is no more around us but stories of his unbelievable success still light the way for everyone who wants to rise above their personal struggle and achieve a larger than life image.

Captain CP Krishnan is one of the biggest names of hotel industry of our country. He was only 13 when he jumped into the freedom struggle and later joined Indian National Army under Subhash Chandra Bose’s guidance. After a few years, he left the army and decided to pursue dreams of becoming a businessperson.

He began helping his father-in-law in his export business which further increased his interest in the sector. He decided to enter into business of handloom and began trading at a huge scale. Within a few years, he saw great success in this business and he became a known name in the field. This gave him opportunity to travel abroad where he saw sparkling international hotels. This was something missing back home. He decided to build his own chain of hotels in India.

Late Krishnan Nair with Barack and Michelle Obama

Krishnan was looking for an opportunity and when he heard about building of Sahara international airport in Mumbai he foresaw the need of a luxurious hotel and set the base for Hotel Leela when he was 65-year-old. This is an extraordinary success story of a man who did not think any age was good enough to slow down.

After conquering Mumbai with his majestic hotel, he expanded to Delhi, Chennai, Goa, Kerala, Bengaluru and many other cities.

Today, Leela Group is a towering business entity which has established its name in fields of hotel, resort, IT and business parks. Named after his wife, Leela became India’s biggest cloth manufacturing industry in the year 1972.

In just a matter of 15 years, he built the largest cloth importing company and won several awards including Padma Bhushan in 2010. Four years later he died after a long fight with illness and left his empire to his sons Vivek and Dinesh.

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