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If You Know Someone Who Died In A Road Crash, This Story Of Grieving Mother Is For You

Loss of loved one is in irrecuperable loss. It leaves us with two options, either to mourn over it for the rest of our lives, or take it as a driving force to serve others. Of course, it is easier said than done, as the loss of a loved one shatters our lives and leaves us numb. It draws our innermost power and leaves us grieving. Here relief only comes with the saying that ‘time heals every wound.’

A similar incident shook the world of Himabindu Reddy when she found out that her son was no more. The news jolted her like never before. Her fingers trembled, tears rolled down her cheeks, and a lump formed in her throat. She shrieked in inconsolable pain. Her son Sriharsha had met with an accident and died in Hyderabad. Her grief pierced many hearts like sharp arrows.

“Sriharsha diedfor no fault of his. My 19-year-old son lost his life after being hit by a speeding car,” Himabindu mourns in pain.

It was hard to go on and live a life knowing that there was a vacuum in her home that could never be replaced. The family was in acute pain and their days grew heavier as they knew he could never be brought back, ever. The weight of this loss was so heavy that each day came with a new nightmare. Himabindu realised that she was not paying proper homage to her dead son simply by mourning over his loss.

So she decided that her son’s death didn’t have to go in vain, instead it had a purpose of saving lives in the future. There were innumerable accidents happening across the city. These accidents led to the loss of precious lives. Death of loved ones left many families in irreparable tragedies and trauma forever.

Himabindu could relate to their pain and took a drive to do something that served a purpose. She launched Sriharsha Foundation, along with her husband and another son. Sriharsha Foundation took up the task of educating public about road safety, perils of over-speeding the importance of following traffic rules and regulations thereby emphasising the need to wear helmets and put on seat belts while driving.

The Hyderabad-based foundation has conducted numerous rallies for spreading awareness amongst the public, and now plans to go national. They have Telugu heartthrob Nag Chaitanya as their brand ambassador. Along with this, they also have the services of Jonatham Bike Rider Club to train drivers to drive with caution keeping in mind the safety of public and their own self.

Their flagship program of the foundation is Stop Speed, an endeavour to teach people to drive at reasonable speed. Their recent rally attracted over 1000 bikers, which caught the attention of the general public.

Hyderabad city alone witnesses a massive 2,300 plus accidents a year, in which the fatalities are 350 plus. The organisation is working to bring down this number the soonest it can.

Sriharsha Foundation now has an interactive website and Facebook page through which they interact with its target and spreads awareness. Himabindu Reddy, its founder, feels that although she has lost her son, but his soul must live on through the foundation’s activities ensuring deathless roads and a happy citizenry.

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