Was About To Kill Himself After Failures, Worked Hard And Built A $33 Million Firm

Our elders have always warned us that life is not a cake walk. The struggle will always be there, so will the rewards. You will see hard times before you taste the sweet fruit of success. All these things are something we can associate with this philanthropic phenomenon Ravinder Thota.

From contemplating suicide to owning a multi-million-dollar IT company, he has seen it all and people like him will know what it means to have multiple failures before reaching the goal.

The real struggle, according to him, was not when his father passed away when he was three-year-old. It was also not when he was topped his classes while helping his mother on fields – their only way of earning livelihood. It was when he shifted to Hyderabad from his village.

A firm believer in education and recipient of three educational degrees, Ravinder was selling cleaning products door to door in the city of pearls. His degrees proved useless during his stay in Hyderabad and the money he invested in phenol business (started in collaboration with a friend) was lost. Becoming a door-to-door salesman was the only way he could have food in his stomach and was far from feeling guilty about his choice of occupation.

“To pay my rent and earn bread, I had to sell the cleaning product in hostels, doctors’ offices and other places. But, I never felt guilty because, I was still making money and earning my own bread.”

The road to success was still a long one and Ravinder had more challenges to face. After getting married and having a two-year-old son, he decided to try his luck in USA. Since Wall Street was a popular thing that time, Ravinder decided to try his luck in stock markets. What he did not know was that his six months of hard work to clear the exam for a stockbroker will take him back to square one.

The gambling business of stock broking including winning and losing money on daily basis but things got worse when borrowed $10,000 and lost everything within a few hours. His head was full of negative thoughts and taking his own life seemed to be the best alternative. The mere thought of his son and the struggles he would face stopped him from taking this drastic step. “I was sitting on a railways station with zero dollars in my pocket and contemplating suicide. My son was three and that was the exact age when I lost my father. If I die, the struggles of my son would be real. I mustered up courage and somehow made it to my house,” Thota recalls.

After this low point, there was no looking back for him. He doubled his hard work and supported his family by working at a motel at night while his wife did laundry in the same place. Knowing that this will not help him in the long run, he took IT classes during daytime. Within a few months he was placed in an IT firm and this changed everything for him.

With a constant flow of money, he invested in real estate, built his company from scratch and became successful owner of a firm with an annual turnover of $33 million. At one point, he struggled to look after his family but, now, he is in-charge of a successful company of n number of employees.

Since he has seen what it’s like to be starved, Thota and his wife sponsor 137 students in two schools being run by Chinna Jiyyar Swamy in Adilabad district, Telangana. He is even helping 32 students to pursue MS and MBA in USA – a tough and financially-draining choice. His stable financial position only made his resolve to help other people firmer, “I never step back from donating. It is a blessing. I had nothing in my hand at one point, now I am in a position to give back. Every human being should help others. I firmly believe in that concept.”

With high ambition and grounded feet, this philanthropist is an inspiration to many. What makes him different from the rest is that never say never spirit he was born with “If you put me in the middle of an ocean, I will look at the peaks of mountain from the deepest point and find a way to climb them, so that I can at least come up and reach shore than drown in the ocean,” is the message Ranivder Thota imparts.

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