Inspiring: Farmer’s Son Became An Award-Winning Coder, Works At Harvard

Born to a farmer with very limited resources, it was very easy for him to give in and lose all hopes of becoming ab achiever. The rural setup did not offer any facilities that could make for a solid base however, this wasn’t the case with Ravi Suhag.

From his childhood days, he had a knack to quickly grasp technical knowledge and he grew up to use this as his strength, his power that set him apart from the rest. Now, this 27-year-old has won each of the 16 hackathon, except only two, that have been organized in the last four years.

Suhag has shown that the more you struggle, the higher your chances of winning are. Now he has become a well-known face among ethical hackers in India but his aims were grounded while growing up. He could never dream of soaring high but it was his hard work which took his talent to another level.

Suhas is a product of a Hindi-medium school in Jhajjar, Harayana where both faculty and facilities were not up to the mark. When he was in STD 7, his father brought a gadget home which was a combination of FM radio and tape recorder. Curious as he was, Suhag opened and dismantled the recorder. But to his horror he could not assemble it back.

“I broke the entire thing and the pieces were scattered here and there. I couldn’t assemble it back. I thought my dad was going to kill me. But after reading up for a few months I assembled it back and it started working.”

He did not know then but this was the beginning of many take-aparts sessions that lay hidden in the future. He started experimenting with all sort of electronic devices. Be it tubelights, transistors, radios or any other electric or electronic device. He slowly became voracious in testing hardware and software simultaneously.

Owing to his interest in electronic appliances, Suhag showed brilliance in Physics. He knew that only an Indian Institute of Technology could quench his thirst for Physics. He insatiably gulped all the knowledge that came his way but was always left longing for more.

It was just a beginning when Suhag was admitted to an English-medium school in STD 9. This was a big challenge for him because he could not grasp the knowledge as fast as he could in Hindi. He was struggling to get accustomed to the language.

This new challenge meant that Suhag was burning the midnight oil. He had to study under the candlelight and rarely got any sleep. This became his need in order to improve his performance in class. He even moved to a room as a paying guest along with his two other friends to focus better on studies. Everyone around him was expecting brilliant results from him.

However, this came out to be a false dream for him and his close ones as Suhag failed to crack any of the IITs causing a steep dip in his confidence and morale. He ended up in a college in Gurugram where he excelled in academics. He was facing the real world now and understood that merely getting good grades wouldn’t ensure a good future.

Suhag needed to dream big and believe in himself to stand out in the crowd. He started giving tuitions along with studies and saved money to start his own consulting firm Inspiration Edge. He was unsure whether his endeavour would stand in the competition or not so he started reading books on coding and designing to improve his firm.

Suhag now works at Indonesian hyperlocal transport, logistics and payments startup called GoJek and also runs his profitable private venture alongside. He also works as a Data Visualisation Consultant at Center for International Development at Harvard University where he aims to cut short the time for delay in paying the workers of government. Ever since he brushed with hackathons in Gurugram, Suhag is pioneering in field of coding too.

Recently, Suhag also won an award from President of India and his uncle called his father to deliver the news. His father showed no surprise as winning an award has become a regular affair for his son.

Beginning from the very scratch, Suhag has taken life as it comes. He has confronted the challenges when he fell but always stood up to face whatever situation comes his way. He believes a winner is not one who loses, a winner is one who loses and has the determination to stand up and face the adversities as long it challenges him. There is a lot we can learn from this humble boy.

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