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Inspiring: 16-Y-O Boy Who Can’t Sit Appeared For STD 10 Board Exams, Scoring 93.4 Percent

Every morning, many of us wake up cribbing about the work we have to complete and the deadlines we have to meet. When was the last time we were grateful about this mystical life that we have been fortuned with? The problem is not the lack of knowledge of our treasures, but our attitude of taking these gifts for granted.

We always have a knack for gaining more, but fail to realize that several others do not get even half of what we’re blessed with. However good or bad the situation is, it only seems fit, that we should appreciate and be thankful for our finances, friends, family, possessions, and most importantly, good health.

Here lies the story of 16-year-old Ashmeet Bhatnagar, who faces life with a smile despite of all the hardships he has to go through on an everyday basis. Despite all the challenges, the young boy scored 93.4 percent in his STD 10 CBSE board exams.

When the Jaipur based lad turned one, he was given the DPT vaccine, a vaccination that helps prevent diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough) and tetanus, but it resulted in the formation of a lump. As a consequence, Ashmeet had to undergo a surgery, in the process of which, his hip became stiff.

Condition of myositis ossificans

Limitations for Ashmeet

Later, the doctors diagnosed him to be suffering from myositis ossificans, a condition that occurs with a sudden traumatic injury, when the body makes an error in the healing process and causes the development of a lump or bump within the muscle.

“Progressive myositis ossificans is rare disease in which extra calcification takes place in body and gets collected at unusual places, as the result the joints get stiff. The boy has to prevent himself from getting injured,” said Dr S Sitaram of the government children’s hospital JK Lone, adding that certain drugs were tested on the kid, but results were not progressive. Hence, there is no cure for it as of now. Due to this rare incurable condition, Ashmeet can either stand or lie down, but is unable to sit because of his stiff joints.

Support from school

For the Bhatnagar household, Ashmeet’s condition was a double setback after their elder son, Chaitanya, 19, was found to be spastic. Chaitanya attends a special school. Ashmeet did his schooling at Ryan International School, Mansarovar, Jaipur. The school provided Ashmeet with the help and support that he required, even making a special table for him so that he could stand and write his examinations.

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His class teacher, Ranjana Sharma said, “He is focused on his studies and despite having problems he behaves like other normal children. He is friendly and obedient.” He attends all his lectures while having to stand, and has to stand for around 12 hours each day.

Magic in a tragic situation

Sumeet says, “Ashmeet may have a physical condition but he is strong mentally. He loves playing cricket, badminton and chess despite the physical limitations and also has interest in photography.” Even though his physical ailment posed restrictions, he was filled with motivation and always remained positive.

With sheer determination and perseverance, he prepared hard for his grade 10 CBSE board exams this year and scored a whopping 93.4 percent. He has chosen the commerce stream in STD 11 and aspires to become a government officer in the future.

Ashmeet has set a crystal clear example of the miracles that can be achieved through hard work, and the willpower to fulfill your ambitions.

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