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Industrialist’s Son from Gujarat to Wed in a Mass Wedding along with 236 Orphaned Women

Want to be Father of 1001 Daughters

Rich Industrialist Mahesh Sawani’s son will get married in the same marriage ceremony with 236 orphaned ladies. Mahesh stated that such mass marriage initiatives may inspire other rich people to make similar arrangements where many marriages can be completed at the cost of one.

Mahesh Sawani is an industrialist from Surat, Gujarat. He has resolved to become the father of 1000 daughters by adopting 1000 orphaned girls. He decided to organize the marriage of his son and nephew in a mass marriage ceremony to be held on December 25th, 2016. The marriage ceremony will see 236 orphaned girls to be married on the same day.

Rich people may get the message

Mahesh Sawani has already made complete plan of the mass wedding. “Henna” will be held on 22nd December, while “Ras-Garba” and “Phere” will be on 23rd and 25th December respectively. According to him, he will not get a better way of sharing happiness and joy with others.

It is also a message to the other rich people that a mass marriage can be arranged at the expense of a single wedding. The poor orphan ladies who lost the love of their parents can now have the blessings of a father through Mahesh Sawani.

Arranging gifts in mass wedding

Since 2008 Mahesh Sawani has visited many mass weddings arranged by the state and given gifts to the daughters as a father. Till 2012 he was performing the “Kanyadan” ritual and from 2013 he started to arrange mass wedding by himself.

Got inspired by an incident

In 2008, two daughters of Sawani family Mitula and Amrita were to be married. They were the daughters of Ishwarbai Sawani, who died a week before the wedding. Mahesh Sawani rushed to help the family and took all the responsibilities of the wedding. He also performed the “Kanyadan” of Mitula and Amrita.

Then Mahesh thought there are many girls in the society who lost their fathers at an early age and he took the oath of becoming a father to 1001 daughters by adopting them.

People like Mahesh Sawani are true heroes in our society and deserve all the possible praises.

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