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WHOA! Cows In India To Get Aadhaar Card.

GOI planning to issue Aadhaar Card to cows.

Though sounds weird, but soon Indian cows will get Aadhaar Cards just like humans. Modi Government is keen to release Aadhaar Cards for cows quickly in order to protect the Indian breeds of cows. Under this scheme, Indian breeds of cows will get Aadhaar Card with a special tag containing detailed information about the cow.

Government plans are:

An animal husbandry department of the central government is going to start a program on a large scale.

The aim is to protect the Indian breeds of cow found in the country.

To improve milk production of the breeds.

The government will also issue a health card along with the Aadhaar Card.

The details such as amount of milk, milk quality and diseases of the cow will be included in the cards.

85 million Aaadhaar Cards for cows to be released

Currently there are about 85 million cows in the country of which 70% of the cows in India are native cows and will get Aadhar Cards. The Government will take the help of the State Governments regarding this issue and in 2016-17, about 5 million cows to get the tagging of Adhar Cards. During 2017-18, another 25 to 30 million cows will be tagged and the rest will be covered by 2019-20.

The current situation

Till date, a total of 1 million cows have already been tagged by the government. The government will provide additional funding to speed up this ongoing process. The ultimate plan of Government is to increase the milk production of Indian cow breeds by two folds in the next 5 years.

Indian cows are a big hit in foreign market

Although the Indian government has come forward and thinking of protecting its indigenous breed cows, the Indian cows are already quite a hit overseas market. These cows are producing more milk in abroad than in India. In Brazil, the Indian breed Gir cow milk production is about 80% and because of this breed, Brazil has become a key producer of milk in the world.

There are more than 30 million Indian cow breeds in India

Even though there are large numbers of foreign breeds of cows present in India, still more than 30 million Indian cow breeds are remaining. Most of these breeds are in UP and MP. However, the milk production of these cows remained low varying from 1 to 2 liters per cow. The government wants to increase this production to 5 liters per cow.

Milk production by Indian cows

During 2007-08, India’s cow milk production was about 22 million tones and the government’s plan is to increase the production to 87 million tonnes by 2020-21. On the other hand, milk production by the cross-bred breeds and the foreign breed are satisfactory.

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