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How Idea Of Automating Homes Brought Them Together For A Start-Up

With the advent of advance technology we, as customers, look for more automation in several things that we buy. In our busy schedules, we look out for ways to reduce both our workload and time at the same moment. This situation opens up a million opportunities for those with entrepreneurial streak.

Here are Archit Gupta and Harmeet Singh, two friends from Delhi, who came up with an idea that gives us access to automation in our day-to-day life. They have come up with Cloudblocks that offers a range of smart, retrofit, and affordable home automation devices.

The team of Cloudblocks installs their smart device or blocks unit behind customers existing switchboard. Cloudblocks team configures the blocks unit with the home router which enables a user to control home appliances/devices via Cloudblocks app.

To build something of your own requires much more than just blood and sweat. Archit was initially working in a firm but decided to quit his job as he was inclined towards business. He started off with a startup that provided Android and iOS development services. But also ended up shutting it as the idea wasn’t successful. When Archit met tech-savy Harmeet, they immediately hit it off and shared same thoughts on home automation services.

Their ideas led them to building Cloudblocks, an automation startup that uses the power of Internet  and aims at making people’s life easier. Something that made people’s life easier was not easy for the founders. “It took us a few months to understand this market. Running a hardware startup has its own set of challenges. A lot of money goes into R&D, testing various prototypes, and building a saleable product. It was difficult for us to survive with limited funds due to lack of resources,” says Archit. “There was just one goal in our mind — to create a quality home automation product.”

Archit and Harmeet gave their best input to build the desired product. Harmeet handled coding and Archit looked after market study. They were using all their resources to simply survive in the market. Even after investing all their earnings from their previous jobs, there came a time when they had empty hands and an unfinished prototype. “We took up a high-paying job for three months. We gathered around Rs 5 lakh before quitting, and then started working on our product again.” Later on, a friend invested some money in their idea and they got an office on rent, and put together a small team.

In 2015, when Cloudblocks actually began, Archit and Harmeet realized the fact that other home automation products were either expensive or came with wired system. They wanted to make an affordable product which could potentially become a necessity rather than luxury. “After doing lot of iterations, we finally came out with the most convenient user-friendly product with a good superior technology. Down the line, we will add so many other features that people would love to use,” says Archit.

There were times when Cloudblocks was rejected from investors for funds, for not holding a background from IIT or IIM but such kind of setbacks were a motivation for them. “We started with a small core team. There were times when we had to pay salary but did not have any money for that. Fortunately, we got a big order and everything got in place.” Today, they have survived in the market also having created a saleable product.

Cloudblocks, today, has dealership and distribution in all the major cities including Mumbai, Orissa, Bihar, Jharkhand, Hyderabad, and Lucknow. They have installed more than 500 units in one year and have gained the interest of builders and architects across India. Although, major part of their profit is turned back into business as they are working on expanding it.

Archit believes that persistence is the key. Quitting is the easiest part but if you believe that you have to achieve something, you definitely will. Their hard work and determination took over the challenges they faced and so Archit and Harmeet are a motivation for many other aspiring entrepreneurs.

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