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How This 24-Y-O Entrepreneur Earned $100,000 From His Music Player App

Not all great ideas manifest into great products. They have to be nurtured well and gradually executed. They have to go through failure and worked upon again from the scratch. Only then will the idea blossom into a finely crafted product, tangible or intangible, which can find a place in the industry it belongs to.

Twenty-four-year-old Ankit Srivastava has busted the myths related to age and shown the world that you do not need the experience of a lifetime to execute an idea perfectly. When most of his peers are getting trapped in the lushes of smartphones, Ankit decided to explore the business aspect of it.

Since the age of 20, he was more interested in creating Android apps instead of attending classes. After a series of failed ventures, in 2014, he finally launched his music player app, called La Musique, a French phrase meaning the musicWhat he got from it was over four million downloads getting him more than $100,000 in the process without spending anything on marketing.

The germination of the idea happened during Ankit’s graduation years when he was searching Google Play for music players and found thousands of available options. That’s when the potential of the idea struck him and he told himself that he will create the best music app in the world.

But it wasn’t an easy journey. Ankit did not know anything about Android development and he obviously started by googling it. He saw videos, read blogs and did everything by himself. It took him seven months and 16 hours of work per day to complete the app. Even after this, his design wasn’t appealing enough, which took him to Dribbble (a community of designers).

However, people weren’t willing to work even after being offered 40 percent equity. So, Ankit started freelancing, learned, and earned, and finally his app was ready for launch on Google Play by June 2014.

But the process of nurturing the idea does not stop at the creation of the product. It has to be extensively distributed to reach the maximum of its target group. And Ankit came up with some smart marketing tactics. He used three platforms, App Store Optimization, Facebook Groups, and YouTube. His personal stories on FaceBook gave him 1,000 downloads in a day, and his YouTube videos reached #2 for the keyword music player.


The final part for him was to learn monetization. He admits that he would have made a lot more money had he knew more about monetization strategies since the beginning. In the first six months, he made only $8,000 but in the next 12 months, he made $50,000 just from ads, generating a revenue of over $100,000 in 2016.

After getting such humongous success with La Musique, Ankit now feels that his design is slightly outdated for today’s times. But he is not stopping with one success. He is determined to get better and better. He has multiple projects lined up. He is trying to upgrade La Musqiue, working on his e-commerce business (Legendary Pokeballs) and he is working on a totally new app altogether! Apart from these, he wants to explore the potential of Facebook ads.

In an interview with, when asked about his advice to others who are just starting out, Ankit said, “Don’t give up on your dreams, it’s okay to give up on a product (but not without giving your best).” And that statement really defines what Ankit’s journey has been all about. Not giving up.

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