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How Mahindra Chairman Changed A Cobbler’s Life, Thanks To A WhatsApp Forward

Many of us sigh when we look at underprivileged people. We offer them some money or food but there are a few people who just go out of their way to help the ones in need. And certainly, one such person is the chairman of Mahindra group, Anand Mahindra, who is always in the news for all the right reasons. A philanthropist, he always restores our faith in humanity.

Fairly active on social media, On April 17, he posted a picture of a cobbler named Nasseeram who was sitting in front of a billboard, offering to cure hurt shoes. Unlike other cobblers, he called his establishment Dr Nasseeram’s hospital.

Anand Mahindra applauded his marketing technique and tweeted, “This man should be teaching marketing at the Indian Institute of Management.” He also asked people to lend him a helping hand in finding Nasseeram.

He tweeted, “If anyone can find him and he’s still doing this work I’d like to make a small investment in his startup,” with the picture.

However, the picture that he posted was a WhatsApp forward and he wanted to help him. He asked the people on Twitter to inform him if Nasseeram still does the same work.

After some time, his team from Haryana found Nasseeram and got in touch with him. Their meeting came to good use. When they asked him how they could help him, Nasseeram told them that he needed a good working space instead of money. 

That’s when Anand Mahindra asked his Design Studio team from Mumbai to conceptualize a kiosk which was both functional and aesthetic.

Later, the team flew down to meet him and also gave him few ideas. They told him how they will be designing the space for him and how he can use it for better work.

Nasseeram has a billboard outside his shop that reads to cure hurt shoes, meaning that he aims at something more than just mending shoes. The man calls it Dr Nasseeram’s hospital that also has consultation timings, OPD/lunch hours, and even states that all shoes will be treated here using German technique. Marvellous, right?

Who knew with right words, creative thinking and advertising you can change the regular shoe mending into something more.

Anand’s act of kindness restores our faith on humanity. From a WhatsApp forward to designing a studio, he has shown that if you want to help someone, you can do it anyway. We need more people like him who know how to use their wealth for the betterment of people in need.

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