Holds Pen In Mouth, Operates Phone With Lips, Wants To Become Like Stephen Hawking

“He wants to make a big name for himself in science,” says Sujata Dey as her son replies to a friend on Whatsapp using his lips and chin at a lightning speed. It does not matter to Tuhin that he has no control over 90 percent of his body or there is no chance of his recovery. He has his goals clear and can well be India’s Stephen Hawking in the coming years.

The 17-year-old genius from West Midnapore district of West Bengal is a brilliant student who happens to be suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a motor neurone disease that has reduced the mobility of his joints. But people with determination only get stronger with each obstacle. Unable to move his arm, elbow or wrist, Tuhin uses his mouth to hold the pen and write. He believes in being self-sufficient and it calls for an applause that he did not take assistance of a writer or asked for extra time while writing his STD 10 exam this year.

Tuhin wants to become a cosmologist like his idol Hawking and had moved to Kota to realize his dream. He has interest in computer programming and is a self-taught C++ and Advanced Java expert. These achievements aren’t only his but have been squeezed out of many sacrifices made by his parents. His mother quit her government job to be with her son in Kota where he is preparing to crack IITs. He plans on studying B.Tech from IIT Kharagpur followed by Masters form Oxford University.

Tuhin is our world. Nothing is bigger for us than him – Sujata

Back in West Bengal, Tuhin’s father was a real estate dealer but he too has shifted to Kota for Tuhin. “I do not know how will I make ends meet here but I will do anything for my son,” says Samiran Dey. Tuhin doesn’t have siblings. “We didn’t plan a second child lest that should give Tuhin some complex,” his parents said.

It is Tuhin’s insurmountable spirit that has got Allen Career Institute in Kota to waive off their fee. “We promote exceptional talent and offer them free coaching so that they can inspire others,” says Naveen Maheshwari, director of the institute.

The boy has undergone 20 surgeries in 16 years of his life but nothing keeps him away from giving his best at academics. He has been awarded the National Child Award for Exceptional Achievement in 2012 and Best Creative Child Award with Disabilities in 2013 from President Pranab Mukherjee.

Tuhin is an everyday example for each one of us who let our mind tell us we cannot get that job, clear an exam, or build a company from scratch. This 16-year-old’s determination has led him to a path of success and one day he will definitely make a dent on this universe.

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