Here’s The Youngest Programmer Who Launched App On Apple Store At Just 9

Tanmay Bakshi was only five-year-old when he first saw someone code. He thought it was something people did for fun. Imagine his amazement, when he found out years later that people coded for a living and got paid for it. Years of experience in application development has earned Tanmay the title of “World’s Youngest Programmer on IBM’s artificial intelligence platform – Watson” at a young age of 12.

Living in Canada, Tanmay’s first IOS app was accepted into Apple Store, when he was just nine-year-old. What makes this boy more special is his eagerness to share his knowledge in his field of expertise with everyone around him. Tanmay loves to share his learnings free of cost through channels like Youtube. On this channel, he shares many hacks and learnings about programming, maths, algorithms, Watson etc.

Even though all the laurels he has achieved at his age is amazing, he has had his fair share of failures. His apps were rejected number of times for not being able to go through Apple’s guidelines like uneven screen size or incorrect text size. It is only when he accepted the shortcomings, and worked hard to improve himself, he tasted success and realized the importance of improving.

Not just a programming expert, Tanmay has excellent public-speaking skills. He credits his confidence to the number of YouTube videos, he has made over the years. Some of his speeches were at the biggest tech conventions like “IBM Interconnect 2016” in Las Vegas and “IBM Developer Connect” in Bangalore.

If all of these achievements weren’t remarkable enough, he is also an author now with his book “Hello Swift – IOS App Programming for Kids and Other Beginners”. Tanmay says of all the field, he has dabbled into, it all comes down to his ultimate passion that is programming. He has a special goal that he has set out for himself and that is to teach and inspire at least 1,00,000 kids to code and help them get better in this field.

Tanmay (13) says he is always thankful to IBM Canada for designing a special training for him, where he learnt numerous technologies like NodeJS, AngularJS, CSS, Bootstrap and Open Whisk. He is currently trying to get Apple to work independently from Iphone and an app for coders and students to look up algorithms. He also wants to develop an app that will help companies to analyse and target a better audience through social media.

So much accomplished and so much more to go, this child prodigy is one epic guy to look out for. One of his wishes from his huge wishlist include getting his book signed by Amitabh Bachchan.

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