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Here’s Why These Indian Farmers Listed Among BBC’s 100 Most Inspiring Women Globally

Agriculture plays a vital role in India’s economy. Over 70 percent of the rural households depend on agriculture as their principal means of livelihood. Also, agriculture contributes about sixteen percent of total GDP and 10 percent of total exports. At the same time, India’s agricultural industry is considered as male-dominated and in most part of the country female is not allowed to participate in farming.

From L-R: Rimpi Kumari, Vaishali Jayawant Bhalerao, Karamjit

However, from last few years, there is a gradual realization of the key role of women in agricultural development and their vital contribution in the field of agriculture. Many Indian Women have done the extraordinary achievement in the field of agriculture and set an example for the entire globe.

Inspiring journey

Rimpi Kumari and Karamjit began farming seven years ago after their father’s demise. Their father was growing traditional crops in around 32 acres of land. After the completion of the college education, Rinki joined an IT firm with a good package but after father’s demise she left her high-paying job and started growing soyabean, rice, and wheat using advanced farming technology. In a village where people believe that girls of Rimpi and Karamjit’s age should get married, these sisters are challenging the stereotypes. The duo now grows more crops than what their father used to.

Their mother says, “If you give opportunities to girls, if you allow them to grow, they can fly high. They just need their wings unclipped. I have always believed in my daughters. They show that daughters can surpass sons,” in an interview with the BBC.

Left with no option

This 40-year-old widow from Maharashtra started farming six years ago when her husband passed away. Agriculture was the only source of income for the family. Her husband took a loan to educate their children but due to the failure of crop and other unfulfilled debts, he committed suicide. After the husband’s demise, there was no other option for Vaishali and she began farming of cotton, pulses, and soybean.

These women not just broke the stereotypes but also challenged the men. Team KenFolios salutes these woman for their extraordinary achievement.

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