At 3 Feet 8 Inches, Himanshu Is Flying High And Inspiring Millions

We live in a judgmental society, where we form a basic opinion about people before even speaking with them. Everyone is judged based on their height, colour, body type instead of their talents. One’s height or physical structure cannot be the basis to judge someone. A common tendency that we all possess is to laugh at anything above or below the normal limits. A very tall person, or a very short person will catch everyone’s attention quickly and snide remarks follow.

Dwarfism is a condition in which the height of the person is restricted. A condition known to affect one in 25,000. People with dwarfism are as good as any other person. Their stature has no effect on their intelligence, talents or skills. Himanshu Bakshi (29) is one such person who ensured that his achievements were not stunted like his height.

Born with dwarfism, Himanshu has had a life full of challenges. Kids and adults both made fun of him alike. The insensitivity and negativity hurt him but it also made his resolve strong to prove everyone wrong. He used his disability and successfully converted it into an opportunity. Today, Bakshi is a Chartered Accountant and also a lawyer. Himanshu stands 3 feet 8 inches tall and is now working with one of the top most consulting firms.

“It was my determination and strong will power which helped me cross all hurdles,” he says. The road was not an easy one and he faced quite a few lows, his lowest point in life came when, he lost his father. His dad had not only been his motivation and support but was also his closest friend. It was a huge personal loss for him. With no siblings to rely on for emotional support, his mother became his pillar of strength.

Beating all odds, he not only managed to clear his Chartered Accountancy exams, but also studied further to become a lawyer and fulfill his father’s dream as well as his own aspirations. He values every moment of his struggle because all those efforts have borne him fruits of success.

He remembers how he stood for three hours and wrote his exams, because the benches were too high for him.

Himanshu lives with his mother and is striving to fulfill all her dreams. At 29, he is an inspiration to many. He is a proud recipient of a lot of awards and has been featured by MAXIM, the fashion magazine, in their anniversary issue. An ardent debater, he has also participated in a number of TV shows. He is TED speaker and has been actively working on creating awareness about the differently-abled through print, radio and visual media.

Himanshu is loud and clear when he mentions that differently-abled don’t need sympathies, all they need is an opportunity and dignity. He is actively working with a number of NGOs in Delhi and doing his bit to make a difference in his own right. His motto in life is to “inspire before you expire”. He hopes to inspire people and let them know that disability is a state of mind and not a physical attribute.

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