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This Geek Poetess’ Love Poem Will Make Your Heart Glow in Dark

We live in a world where science and arts are considered two different stream of thoughts yet time and again, people have mixed these two to come up with some extraordinary cocktails. In school, we are made to choose either this or that because of which a lot of creativity does not get the essential outlet.

But talent finds its ways and there is always some chemical locha in the brain that acts as a catalyst. This poem is Sanjeevni Sharma‘s brainchild who holds a Masters degree in organic chemistry and a lot of beats in her heart. She talks about phosphorescence here, a matter which glows after absorbing light or other forms of electromagnetic radiation.


Common examples of phosphorescent materials are the paint, toys and clock dial which glow in the dark after being charged by bright light sources (normal lights in the home). The glowing fades away slowly, typically within minutes. The phenomena can be observed well inside the dark room.

The Phosphorescence Phenomenon
The Phosphorescence Phenomenon

Let us visualize phosphorescence through eyes of a poet:

I was S1 – the singlet excited state
Pumped with energy, writing my own fate
Until I fell in love and went through Energy Cascade
For they told me that God had made
T1 for every single S1, it’s everyone’s fate
and all the electrons started to leave their original place
Went down from V1 to V4 and
Me too had a Vibrational Cascade

I had lost control and inter-system crossing had taken place
I tried hard to save my energy, but by then…
All electrons had displaced
Now my electrons (everything in the system)
Resided in the Triplet excited state
The feeling was awesome until
T1 threw them to S0, the singlet ground state
But even then I had so much faith
For T1 had said the process was color based


It hurt too much falling down to the base
But overlooking the pain, I had focused on the colors raised
See how insane
It was phosphorescence that was taking place
though slow and hurting, but radiations were emitted into space

Too involved and lost in the colors
I forgot that I was no more S1, the singlet excited state
Had lost all the absorbed energy and was back to the ground state
I looked up for T1 to help but he too by then had escaped
Later I realised that for very short time
Existed all the excited states
But at the end what I had were the everlasting colors
Emitted all around the space


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