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From staying on street to becoming the most acclaimed director of Bollywood, story of Anurag Kashyap.

Anurag Kashyap is recognized as one of the most promising directors of Bollywood . Someone who is responsible for the changing face of films in India. Life of Anuraag Kashyap was not the same few years ago. Indian Film Industry is one of the most competitive places to work. Becoming the most respected director here is not a simple goal to achieve. Anurag did never want to become the best director of Bollywood but his talent and instinct to make out of league films have taken him to this level of recognition.  Life of Anurag Kashyap is not less interesting than that of his films.

Anuraag Kashyap was born in a lower middle class family hailing from Gorakhpur of Uttar Pradesh.  His father worked with a thermal power project in Anpara near Varanasi. He did his schooling in Dehradun and Gwalior.

Anurag wanted to become a scientist and thus joined Zoology course at Hansraj College of Delhi and graduated in year 1993. By the time Anuraag graduated, his desire to become a scientist had eloped and instead, he joined a street theater group named ” Jana Natya Manch”. While in Delhi, he got to attend the International Film Festival Of India and saw 55 films in 10 days. He was influenced by legendary Italian director Vittorio De Sica. De Sica’s film Bicycle Thieves became the most liked film of Anurag. Vittorio De Sica is a four time academy award winner and a director known for Noreal Film Movement of Italy. Anurag’s film reflect the influence of De Sica. By this time, Kashyap had decided to make a career in film industry as a director and reached Mumbai, the city of dreams and Bollywood’s capital.

Life in Mumbai was not easy for Anurag. When he reached Mumbai in 1993, he had 5000 rupees with him. This money exhausted soon and Anurag faced the difficult time of his life. He slept of street, lofts of other buildings, on beaches, under water tank and finally at the St. Xavier College Boys Hostel. Life was giving many lessons to Anurag.  Many of Anuraag’s films represent poverty in its real form and one of the reasons is the life Anurag lived in Mumbai after his arrival.

Anurag got his first work in Prithvi Theater. His first play remained incomplete because of the death of the director. In 1995, he came in contact with Shivam Nair. After watching the 1976 movie Taxi Driver, Anurag got inspired toward writing. Anurag started working on the script of a movie, while his friends were working on the script of a TV serial. The TV serial named “Auto Narayan” was based on the life of serial killer Auto Shankar. When the script of Auto Narayan could not be completed by his friends, Anurag completed it and got the credit. In 1997, Anurag wrote the script of film named Jayate, this film never made to cinema halls. He also wrote episodes of serial Kabhi Kabhi in 1997.

In 1998, Anurag’s friend and a struggling actor at that time, Manoj Bajpai recommended his name to Ram Gopal Varma. Varma liked the script of Auto Narayan and assigned him to write the screenplay and dialogues of 1998 movie, Satya. This movie was a success and Anurag attained fame. He worked on several project with Ram Gopal Varma. Anurag also made a short film named Last Train To Mahakali for television.

After a slow beginning in the Bollywood, Kashyap worked on several movies after year 2000. His films included Paanch, Black Friday, Dev.D, No Smoking, Return Of Hanuman, Gulaal, Mumbai Cutting etc. He wrote dialogues for many films too.

His 2012 films, Gangs Of Wasseypur 1 and Gangs of Wasseypur 2 were critical and commercial success.

Anurag has received recognition for his work. To mention every honor he received should be difficult here but everyone knows that Anurag is one the most celebrated directors of Bollywood.

His personal life is full of broken relationships and two broken marriages. Academy Award winner director Danny Boyle has said that Anurag’s films like Satya and Black Friday have influenced his making of Academy Award Winner film, Slumdog Millionaire.  Kashyap is also involved in social work through his NGO “Angan”. He is one of the board members and working for vulnerable children throughout India.

The life of Anuraag Kashyap is interesting like his films. Life with real problems, real struggle and real success. Despite facing critical times in life, Kashyap was never tired of his work. His efforts and work has set an example for people within and out of Bollywood.