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Have A Food Start-Up In Mind But Got Problems? Here’s Your Savior

The start-up wave has hit our country. This  trend has tested the limits of many wannabe entrepreneurs as well as investors. Fresh ideas and talent are working smart to give all they have to make their companies known and get more funding for expansion. While the ones who stay determined and persistent manage to leave a mark, others succumb to the struggle and end up closing shop.

A start-up dream might seem cozy however, the real task of executing those plans can be extremely cumbersome. The challenges and the finer details of any startup cannot be overlooked and these can sometimes be the biggest obstacle. Ever wondered if there were start-ups aimed at helping start-ups to tackle these issues? While this might sound odd, there is a start-up, that helps other start-ups and it is called ‘Shopho’.

Shopho is the one-stop destination for entrepreneurs in the food and food manufacturing arena. They help new entrepreneurs reach out to the right sources to purchase raw materials and also help in marketing and distributing the finished products. Shopho is the brain child of Govind Moghekar and he is the one who runs the show.

Govind says he did a thorough survey before he got started. He spoke to people in the industry and understood their difficulties and challenges. Customer validation is an important step for any start-up. During his field study, he also realised that the major issues were concerning the quality and the price of the raw materials. The quality of the raw materials directly affects the food quality. The change in prices from time to time also affected the finances, since as a start-up; the budget is limited and constrained.

Moghekar says, challenges like this can be very stressful and at times affect the business big time. The new entrepreneurs who are producing good quality products at a reasonable price and yet do not garner enough response from the markets, hence affecting sales. Lack of marketing tools and expertise could result in losses. This is where Shopho comes into the picture. The website acts like a platform by buyers and sellers. The online marketplace has made life easier for all.

This is not all; Shopho has also taken the initiative of promoting, branding and marketing newer brands that enter the market. This not just gives them the visibility they need but also the market.

The initial few days were valuable lessons, since we were trying to establish ourselves, says Moghekar, however now that people understand and appreciate our idea, it is welcome by all. Shashikant Chaudhary of Nagpur is the angel investor for this project. It is because of his investment, Shopho plans to expand its services and reach out to others.

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