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Pursued Her Dream Even After 112 Unsuccessful Attempts, Finally Got Support From Ratan Tata!

Do not give up hope and keep fighting till you reach your destiny. One must have a goal in their life, and keep on acquiring knowledge, work hard and aspire to achieve something big in life. Some of these words by former President Dr. Abdul Kalam inspire us with a new hope for success in life.

Nidhi Agrawal is a living example of such unparalleled determination. She never accepted defeat even after getting rejected 112 times. She was determined to reach her goal as she had complete faith in herself. She was ready to face any challenge to achieve her success. After several emails, phone calls, and meetings, the day came when an investor none other than Ratan Tata got moved by her enthusiasm and expressed confidence in her idea and was ready to fund it. So, after tireless efforts for over one year she got the nod from an investor in her 113th attempt that too from a big investor like Ratan Tata.

Before completing her MBA from Kellogg School of Management, Illinois, Nidhi studied chartered accountancy and was working on high positions in prominent companies. She worked as the Director, Strategy at Honeywell India, and helped the component sales for the famous ‘Mangalyaan’ mission. Her first job was at KPMG as a Chartered Accountant. When she was working as a Strategic Advisor with Bain Consultancy in 2010, she once going to the airport to catch a flight and meet a client. On her way, her clothes got dirty as she spilled some coffee on it. She immediately rushed to the nearby store to change her shirt. She tried a new white shirt, but it did not fit well. Then she tried several other brands, but none had a proper fit to her size. Some were too wide on the waist, then some website at the bust. This is a common problem for most of the women like her who wants a good fit for their formal Western wear. She started thinking about removing this problem permanently. For this, she surveyed 250 women and found that 80 percent of women have the same problem.

The journey of a successful entrepreneurship and its challenges started from here. Nidhi decided to solve this problem and started working at an Export House in Greater Noida to learn all day ticket details of this business. She started working in different shifts in various companies and extracted maximum time to learn the skills of this trade so that she can solve the problem without much difficulty. She soon learned all the necessary tricks and skills related to this trade needed to overcome this problem of women.

Kaaryah was launched in September 2013 it is a technology enabled apparel brand driven by consumer feedback. Raising funds was the most difficult of her journey and it took over 365 days of pitching over phones, e-mails, and presentations to finally get the nod from the investors. She failed in her first 112 attempts but got success in the 113th one. This simply speaks the volume of her dedication and perseverance. She raised her first round of funding from none other than Mr. Ratan Tata, Mr. Mohandas Pai, and The Saha Fund.

To make her brand Kaaryah stand out at the global level, Nidhi’s team takes all the necessary care and keeps eye on the smallest details. Kaaryah offers 18 sizes for its western, non-casual wear for Indian women while other brands offer no more than 6 sizes. Not only this, small problems like the distance between buttons is also taken care of. Kaaryah develops 150 new designs every month with the aim to provide the best, convenient and friendly apparel to its consumers.

Nidhi always considered her father as her idol and she was ready to face any challenge that may come between her path of success and take new lessons from them. Being at the top position of her company Nidhi took quick decisions to resolve the most difficult situations and challenges and is ready to take any responsibility for the betterment of the company. For brand promotion, she has joined hands with Flipkart SBG. For future growth, she is preparing different strategies to delegate the necessary work among other partners, so that she can focus on improving her products.

Nidhi was awarded the Dean Service Award during her MBA study. Sharing her fund raising experiences, she tells how she had to work hard and tirelessly to get the seed funding for her project and how patience and perseverance made her job easier. The experience of working in the service sector taught her the skills of doing the same work repeatedly for countless times, while still remaining focused enough to deliver quality work. She had to endure the pressures of starting a start up project and becoming an entrepreneur as well.

Marching on with a smile at every rejection was extremely difficult but it was exactly what Nidhi successfully accomplished and never gave up. There are misconceptions and apprehensive attitudes in our society regarding women entrepreneurs. Nidhi has broken all such myths and is always work hard and diligently. She is now satisfied with the way she prepared herself and developed as a person.

Nidhi’s success is the example passion, commitment and true faith in her own ability. Her allegiance broke all the fundamentalist ideologies regarding women in our society, which often shows too much curiosity and demotivates or discourages them enough for trivial failures that may eventually lead them to lose their confidence.

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