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Emotional Account: 5 Stories Of Brave Army Mothers Who Lost Their Child On Duty

There doesn’t exist any truer form of love other than a mother’s love for her child. There is no limit to her love and the sacrifices she makes from the moment her child steps in this world. And it is not only restricted to humans, for mother’s love is universal that includes plants and animals as well.

But just like every other job, motherhood too is hard and challenging, especially for the mothers of the armymen and police officers who always keep their lives on the line to serve the country.

Here are some of the bravest mothers who sacrificed their children for the nation:

1. Anuradha Gore: A mother who never cried

Vinayak was posted near the Indian border of Kashmir. During an intense exchange of bullets, shells and mortars, he was killed on September 26, 1995 in Kupwara at a young age of 26.

Over the years, Vinayak’s mother Anuradha has never cried or mourned for her lost son for she always knew that her son died proudly in the battlefield. The brave retired teacher and mother has given various inspirational speeches to soldiers. She is also an author of various newspaper columns and has penned down eight books, mostly on the Army soldiers.

Because of her, numerous young women and men have from Maharashtra have joined the Army. If Captain Vinayak would’ve been alive, he surely would have been proud of having such a courageous and dedicated mother.

2. Maheshwari Khetarpal: Don’t come back as a coward

“Fight like a lion and don’t come back as coward,” Maheshwari told her 21-year-old son Arun, whose brave soul held on to those words till his last breath in the Indo-Pak war of 1971. Though the Pakistan Army surrendered in front India on December 16, they attacked India from the western frontier.

Arun was one of the soldiers to counter the attack. With the help of two tanks, he fought against them single-handedly and killed 10 men. But the opposition army’s arsenal proved too much for him in the long run and was ultimately killed in action.

He was awarded the highest gallantry award of the nation, the Paramveer Chakra. Maheshwari collected the award on his behalf and after the tragic death of her son, she helped various military camps and soldiers to fight for their motherland for 41 long years.

3. Rajeshwari Devi: 19 years without her son  

Sudhir was a soldier from Palampur. He joined the National Defence Academy for the love of his motherland and became an officer at Jat Regiment. Later, he was appointed to the para-commando, a special force of the Indian Army.

One month after the Kargil war, Sudhir was fatally-injured by bullets in a terrorist encounter at Hafurda village. But being a robust commando, he didn’t rest until he was able to eliminate all the terrorists.

Rajeshwari lost her son 19 years back and ever since, her heart has been empty. Despite the tragedy, she still attends all the regiments and motivates the young soldiers of the Indian Army. “My boys have called me. How will they get motivated if I don’t get there?” she questions. She is always on the frontline pillar for any martyrs families in the town of Palampur.

4. Hema Aziz: Identifying her son’s remains

Captain Haneefuddin lost his father at the mere age of eight. Hema raised her three sons in Delhi. Haneef learned brave life despite all sorts of adversities from his mother and this paid off during the Kargil war.

Nineteen years back, during the summer infiltration, the Pakistani enemy attacked Turtuk, a small village near Kargil. Capt Haneefuddin, along with Parvesh Kumar and Mangesh Singh, attacked the enemy with limited weapons to prevent the infiltration. However, Haneef soon realized that they were outnumbered and went all guns blazing towards the enemy to make sure they don’t get hold of Turtuk village and the nearby Batalik sector. He sacrificed his life in the process but managed to befuddle his enemies into thinking that the region was backed up well.

For 42 days, after the news of her son’s death reached her, Hema would go to the airports or cantonment to identify her son’s remains. During an interview, she said, “When I went to Indian Military Academy for the passing out parade, I knew where is my Babloo in the parade. But after seeing all the officers, I felt all are my Babloos.”

5. Sunita Kundu: Wish I had another son for the country

Captain Kapil, along with three soldiers Ramavatar, Shubham Singh, and Havilder Lal, was killed by the Pakistan Army with anti-tank guided missiles, in February 2018. The missile hit one of the bunkers where the soldiers were residing.

Before this tragic event occurred, Kapil had booked tickets to his hometown to see his mother Sunita and sisters. It would’ve been 23rd birthday celebrations for him but unfortunately, he was no more. “Life should be big instead of being long,” his Facebook page read.

Hearing her son’s demise, Sunita said, “If I had another son, I would have sent him to the army, too. Had my son lived for another 15-20 years, he would have done more for his nation.”

Only a mother’s heart could feel the pain of the loss of her own part. KenFolios salutes all the mothers who have sent their children on the border to fight for the motherland.

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