Once Lived On Just Vadapav He Built World’s First Rs 150 Cr Homeopathy Empire

Life can throw anything at you but the choices you make in a certain situation leads you on the most interesting path of all. When you look at the initial life of Dr Mukesh Batra it may come across as a set of haphazard steps but his compassion towards people made him create his own path and achieve what nobody had ever before.

Born to doctor parents, Mukesh was surprisingly not inclined towards choosing medicine as his career. The idea of charging people to treat their illnesses did not appeal to him but as he grew up he chose medicine for the rest of his life. He chose to study homeopathy despite the fact that it was less respected by the society then. But he believed that he should go deeper to understand his patients for more effective treatment.

As uncommon it may sound, Mukesh pursued a BA in psychology to understand his patients from a mental and emotional perspective alongside studying homeopathy.

He got married the very year of his graduation and financial pressure started building on him. He was offered a teaching position at his college for Rs 450 per month which was considered a good amount in 1973 but Mukesh declined the offer. This certainly disturbed his parents but Mukesh wished to gain some clinical experience.

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