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Doctor At 16, IAS At 22, Then Left Job At 24 To Teach The Needy For Free

When IAS officer Dr Roman Saini left his high-paying job in 2016 for teaching poor and underprivileged people, a ray of hope flickered in the life people struggling with their economic conditions.

The former Collector of Jabalpur offered to provide free online education to civil services aspirants, something which hadn’t been tried till then. On insistence of his students, Saini also launched an online coaching platform called Unacademy for other competitive examinations as well.

Roman, a native of Raikaranpura village in Rajasthan, was born in an ordinary middle-class family to an engineer father and home maker mother. At the age of 16, he passed the pre-medical examination and became the youngest doctor of highly-reputed AIIMS. One day in 2011, he visited a village for a medical camp and realized how acute poverty was gripping his fellow citizens. There was no awareness about health or sanitation in the residents of the village. At that very moment he decided to join the public services to improve his country.

It was his incredible determination that at the age of 22, he passed the civil services examination and became the youngest IAS officer. Alongside his career, Saini had also started Unacademy with her friend Gaurav Munjal where he shared academics videos for civil services aspirants. Gradually, there subscribers increased and students began to crack the examinations. This boosted the duo’s confidence and Roman began mulling quitting his job and becoming a full-time educator.

Soon he quit his job and took education full-time. There are millions of subscribers of Unacademy on YouTube and these videos are seen millions of times every month. It is a platform where the poor and the deprived can find educational videos and pass major and competitive examinations to make their own future. There are about 400 videos in the portal which include topics like history, geography, politics, arts, environment, ecology and biodiversity.

Roman is also very popular on Facebook and Quora and answers the questions thrown at him. He leads the zealous youngsters of modern India who have the passion to overcome their difficulties. He teams up with those who give karma greater importance than destiny in their life.

“I believe that we can realize all our dreams. I know that nobody can motivate you for success unless you have the determination to inspire yourself. The key to success is hidden within you. I achieved success because I followed my heart’s desire with utmost sincerity. It is not necessary that you reach the final destination of everything that you are trying to do. Like I love to play guitar but this does not mean that I take admission in Trinity College of England. If I serve lakhs of people, by being a doctor, IAS officer or an entrepreneur, it is because I like to do so.” – Roman Saini

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